Does Chili Sauce Go Bad

Does Chili Sauce Go Bad?

Chili sauce is commonly used in cooking to add hot and spicy flavor to your dishes. The basic ingredient of chili sauce are chilies, vinegar, salt, and sugar, but recipes can differ.

Chili sauce can be found in every store around the world and comes in a sealed bottle. You will find different variants of chili sauce in the market based on the spice level. But people also use homemade chili sauce. It is a paste of different organic ingredients, so it also expires after some time. Different weathers in regions have a different effect on the expiry of sauce.

How To Store Chili Sauce

Chili sauce has a longer shelf life and can survive up to a month or two at room temperature with very little precautions. Chili sauce is made on a commercial scale as well as people prefer homemade sauce. Both require proper storage to extend their shelf life.

Following, we will discuss different techniques to store chili sauce.

Room Temperature

Chili sauce at room temperature is usually stored when you need to use it more often in your food. Chili sauce, at room temperature, can last for about two months.

The condition to increase the shelf life is to store it in an air-tight container. An open bottle or container will lead to moisture which will fasten the process of expiration. An open bottle can last less than a month. Do not place it near a stove; instead, place it separately in a cool dark corner of your kitchen. In cold regions, the chili sauce can last up to 6 months normally.


When you rarely use chili sauce in your food, storing it in your refrigerator is a good option. Even if you more often use chili sauce daily, it is still suggested to keep it in the refrigerator. Storing in the refrigerator can increase its life up to 6-8 months.

In the refrigerator, make sure that you have closed the container tightly, or bacterial spread can cause it to expire more quickly.


Usually, people do not freeze chili sauce because it can be bought from the market easily. Some people do prefer making chili sauce at home. So they make it in large quantity at one time and then store it for later use in dry air-tight containers.

Freezing can extend chili sauce life for up to a year and a few months. After freezing, it turns into rock solid and needs to be thawed before using.

Can You Freeze Chili Sauce

Freezing chili sauce is very simple. Freezing chili sauce makes it rock solid and can extend its life for about a year and a few months. Mostly, freezing chili sauce is preferred by people who like it homemade.

You need to place it in an air-tight dry container and place it in the freezer. Just don’t place the hot sauce placed directly in the freezer; let it cool down first. To use a frozen chili sauce, you need to thaw it first. It is suggested to store it in small containers because thawing and refreezing can lose their taste.

How Long Does Chili Sauce Last

Chili sauce has a longer shelf life, and its expiry depends on the region it is being used in. Commercially produced chili sauce comes with an expiry date printed. The expiry date depends on the region they are shipped to.

In cold areas, it can be used for about two months, kept on your kitchen shelf. However, it can last for a month only, provided you have stored it correctly in hot areas.

For daily usage, you can store it in the refrigerator. It can last for up to 6 months in the refrigerator. For domestic purposes, it is usually stored in refrigerators.

Freezing chili sauce can extend its life for more than a year and is typically preferred for homemade sauce. For daily usage, refrigeration is usually preferred, which increases reasonable storage time.

How To Tell If Chili Sauce Is Bad

Chili sauce’s long shelf life is because of the vinegar content, which prevents it from getting spoiled. Nothing lasts forever; chili sauce will show expiry traits by appearance, smell, and taste. You can easily tell if your sauce has gone rogue.

  • Appearance: If a lot of time has been passed since you used your chili sauce, you should check for any mold development in the bottle. If you find any traces of mold or change in color, then discard it. You will also see watery content separated, which is a clear indication that your sauce has expired.
  • Smell: A chili sauce has the odor of chili mixed with tomato and vinegar. A spoiled chili sauce will have a strong foul odor of vinegar.
  • Taste: An expired chili sauce will have a bitter taste, and the vinegar content can be tasted obvious.