Does Chicken Broth Go Bad?

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Chicken broth is a useful ingredient for various dishes that can be easily found in almost everyone’s repertoire when cooking.

It is understandable to buy several cans and have them available for when the occasion merits. They are usually long duration, so you can wait a while until that happens.

It can also happen that you leave them saved for a long period because you wanted to try other things or forgot they were there and now you wonder if you can still take advantage of them, do not worry, we will tell you everything you need to know if you can use them.

How to store Chicken Broth

Despite its long duration, chicken broth can be damaged just like any other food, so you must take all precautions when asking yourself if you can use it. Usually, there are no problems as long as they are well stored.

Once you have the chicken soup cans at home, you have to follow certain basic rules so that they remain in good condition for a good period:

Avoid humidity

Cans are susceptible to rust, so it is necessary to keep them in an area where they will not be affected by water not to be affected and last in storage for a long time.

Heat is harmful

Another situation that should be prevented is that they overheat, they may not damage the cans, but the broth may spoil more quickly, so it is best to store them in a cool place where they are not near heat sources.

When we open the cans, they stop having a long shelf life, so it becomes necessary to refrigerate them. The can is no longer optimal for this moment, so you must change the chicken broth from place to an airtight container or any container in which it can be kept sealed without much trouble.

On the other hand, the homemade chicken broth that, unlike the ones you can buy in stores, does not benefit the can and applies to the same situation as when you open them. It must be refrigerated so that it can remain stored without spoiling.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your chicken broth lasts a couple more days without the inconvenience and can be used for whatever purpose you need, just like when you just opened the can or cooked the broth.

Can you freeze Chicken broth?

Freezing the chicken broth is an option to extend the time to manage to use it without any problem. Unlike when refrigerated, it can last much longer in storage, allowing you to extend the time you can get to use it in your dishes.

If you want to store, it is advisable to pour the chicken broth into small containers so that you can choose the number of servings to use without having to defrost a large block of frozen broth instead.

But remember that although this method can make the chicken broth last longer in the long term, it will lose the charm of its flavor, so try to use it as quickly as possible.

How long does Chicken Broth Last?

Canned chicken soup has a long shelf life because it is sealed in an aseptic container that, while in good condition, prevents its content from being damaged.

Apart from that, it usually comes with added preservatives so that it lasts longer. In total, the time that can be spent in good condition without being opened is one year.

After opening the can, the aseptic container’s safety is lost, and it has a shorter lifetime, around five days as long as it is properly stored in a refrigerator, the same location and period apply to the broth of casserole chicken.

When the chicken broth is frozen, the time it can last increases exponentially to about six months; it will be safe to consume it. Still, during that period, the flavor’s quality will progressively degrade until it is lost or gets unpleasant.

How to tell if Chicken Broth is bad

In the case of cans, if it has a defect such as a leak or if it shows rust in one part or it looks swollen, you should discard it. The only cans whose content can be safely consumed are perfectly intact since they can effectively preserve what they carry inside.

Speaking of the chicken broth itself, the first sign that we should notice is the smell. If an unpleasant aroma is walking around, it should not be consumed. Another indicator of the bad condition is if it has mold. If you can see even a small stain, then it should not be ingested either.

As a preventive measure, if your chicken broth has a week stored in your refrigerator, the safest thing to do is discard it. Knowing that this is the limit to which it is in good condition, it is best not to risk being poisoned by food in poor condition.


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