Does Cayenne Pepper Go Bad

Does Cayenne Pepper Go Bad?

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Cayenne pepper is something similar to bell pepper and jalapenos but red in color. Cayenne pepper originally belongs to central and south America but it is used all over the world as a food seasoning. It is mostly used in cooking and had been used in medicine for many years.

The cayenne pepper is very hot and has a fiery effect on your taste buds. As it is a spice, it is used in very less quantity in cooking. Since cayenne pepper has a longer shelf life, so it does not go bad easily and remains fresh for a long time.

How to Store Cayenne pepper

Storing cayenne pepper is not a very tricky process. Although it has a longer shelf life, if you want to use cayenne pepper for a long time, you must be careful about storing it. You can follow the following steps to store cayenne pepper.

Refrigerate the cayenne pepper

All varieties of peppers can be easily frozen, but they lose some of their munch. However, if you want to use cayenne pepper for cooking, making pepper jellies or hot sauce for freezing it is a good option.

To refrigerate cayenne pepper, wash them thoroughly leave them to dry until no moisture remains. Before putting them in the fridge, make sure that there is no bad pepper because a single piece can make the whole pepper go bad. After that, put them in the sealed or Ziplock plastic bag and place them in the freezer.

Drying them

Drying cayenne pepper is also a good method. You would dry cayenne pepper in too many ways. Put it into a dish, place it in front of the full sun, or put it on the boiling ring in the pantry or in a well-ventilated room where air can easily pass out. Once it is dried, you store cayenne pepper as a powder or in the form of grains.

By making pickling

Pickling is another easy way to keep cayenne pepper. For this, you have to wash them and make their slices lengthwise. Remove their seeds and piths. Vinegar and sugar are also used for adding flavoring.

Make sure that jars are properly sterilized before use. Using this method, you can store cayenne for a long time.

Roast them for Storing

You can also roast them first to keep their original flavor. When roasting is finished, place it in the bowel and cover it with plastic wrap. Heat olive oil at 200F. Use regular oil for this purpose. Drop all the olive oil in the bowel and make sure all the cayenne pepper are completely submerged. Let it cool for half an hour and then place in the freeze.

Can you freeze cayenne pepper?

If you have more than enough cayenne pepper and don’t know what to do, then freeze the extra cayenne pepper is an excellent way to store it for a long time. But overripe self or spoil cayenne pepper cannot be freeze.

To freeze cayenne, pepper wash thoroughly underwater. Cut out their stem lengthwise and drag out all the seeds. It would be best if you cut it lengthwise or freeze cayenne pepper as a whole. Place them in an airtight jar sealed container or filled the plastic bag remains the only headspace and place them in the freezer.

How Long Does Cayenne Pepper Last?

Cayenne pepper has a very thin layer that is easily dried out. It can last longer as in powder form or whole. Cayenne pepper remains fresh at room temperature for about three to five days in the pantry.

However, in the fridge, it will remain fresh for up to one to two weeks. In the freezer, its shelf life extended from four to six months.  However, if you want to freeze cayenne pepper powders, it lasts for about 3-4 years.

In powder form, it has low moisture content and many essential oils that increase its shelf life. Whole cayenne pepper will remain fresh for about 3-5 days in the kitchen and remain fresh for one to two weeks in the fridge and about six to eight months in the freezer.

However, sliced cayenne pepper remains last for about two hours in the pantry and three to four days in the fridge while remaining six to eight months. Chopped cayenne pepper will also remain last for about two hours at room temperature and the fridge, it will remain last for three to four days in the fridge, and about six to eight months will remain fresh in the freezer.

How to tell if cayenne pepper goes bad?

To figure out a bad cayenne pepper is quite easy. Here are some key characteristics which show that cayenne pepper could go bad.

  • If wrinkles appear on its outer surface, it means that it may go bad. The appearance of wrinkles shows that they will dry a little bit, but excessive wrinkles show that they are completely dried.
  • If you notice any change in its texture, it means it may go bad early. The texture becomes soft and squashy instead of its crispy texture.
  • If you notice any scarp on cayenne pepper and feel a soft section on touching, it means it is going to spoil. The rotted section is the sign that it starts to rot.
  • The formation of mold near the stem of cayenne pepper includes the early sign of spoilage.