Does Casaba Melon Go Bad

Does Casaba Melon Go Bad?

Casaba melon is served raw on fruit salads. Casaba melon is used as an ingredient in cocktails and smoothies. It is a variety of muskmelon which closely relates to honeydew.

According to some of us, casaba melon is more similar to cucumber as compare to cantaloupe. This melon doesn’t contain any aroma. Casaba melon is not as much sweet as honeydew.

Maybe it is because cucumber and muskmelon share the same genus. It also has some spiciness in it. Casaba melon has a shelf life of four to six days.

Yes, casaba melon, just like other melons, spoils too. However, you can store casaba melon for a long period as compared to others.

How to store casaba melon?

Casaba melon has this tough and thick rind that is the reason behind its extended shelf life. If you have bought a casaba melon and now concern about its storage, congratulations, this article can help you out. Follow the steps given in this article below to store your casaba melon properly.

Room temperature

Casaba melon needs to be store at room temperature. The perfect temperature to the ridge the rind of this muskmelon is your room temperature. At your room temperature, the rind of casaba melon gets ridged fully.

After buying, keep casaba melon at room temperature until it gets fully ripe. You can keep casaba melon at room temperature for 2 to four days.

Let it ripe

Make sure your casaba melon is completely ripened before you decide to put it in the refrigerator. In case you don’t know how a fully ripened casaba melon looks like, we will let you know about it.

Casaba melon turns bright yellow, and skin feels a little waxy once it is fully ripened. When picking one from the grocery store, avoid the greenish one and one that is too firm or soft. Choose a casaba melon that is heavy in size and doesn’t have any bruises present on its skin.

Refrigerate it

By providing refrigeration, you can store casaba melon for seven to ten days. When muskmelon is un-cut, we can say that it is sturdier than one which is cut.

An uncut muskmelon lasts for ten days in your fridge, where cut muskmelon can be refrigerated for two to three days. Once your casaba melon is all ripe, you can put it in the fridge.

Place the cut melon in food protection containers to save it from turning bad easily, and then you can put it in the refrigerator.

Can we freeze casaba melon?

Yes, if you need to store casaba melon indefinitely, put it into the freezer. Casaba melon which is kept constantly in the freezer, stays safe to consume even after twelve months.

Frozen casaba melon stay safe indefinitely.  Put the cubed or sliced casaba melon in the container and freeze it. To freeze casaba melon, adopt the proper method. Remove the rind and seeds from the casaba melon.

Cut it in half. Either cut it in cubes or balls and grab an airtight container. You can also use freezer bags instead of airtight containers. With this method, your casaba melon stays healthy to consume for a long time.

How long does casaba melon last?

The shelf life of muskmelon like casaba depends on the way it is stored. You can always extend the shelf life of casaba melon by taking proper steps regarding its storage.

Casaba melon offers a shelf life of a week maximum. As we know, the normal shelf life of casaba melon is four to six days. It is extended when you refrigerate this melon.

Enhancing shelf life depends to a large extent on storage conditions. Place your melon in cool and dry areas and at room temperature to make it last longer. Refrigeration is not a bad idea at all to keep your casaba melon.

Well, if you decide to freeze your melon, it can stay fine for an indefinite time. Frozen casaba melon remains at its best quality even after ten months.

To extend the shelf life of casaba melon, you should adopt the proper storage condition mentioned previously in this article.

How to tell if casaba melon is bad?

We can’t deny that casaba melon is best to pair up with other fruits in fruit salads. It flavors the salads. No one wants it to turn bad, however like all the melons can go bad, casaba melon doesn’t hold any exceptions.

Look for the signs in your casaba melon to check if it is still safe to consume or not.

  • On observing mold formation, quickly discard the whole casaba melon. Mold appearing in your casaba melon isn’t a healthy sign, so better not risk your life.
  • Off-odor from your casaba melons also means that it is spoiled. If it smells off, toss the casaba melon out.
  • If rest all fails, taste your casaba melon a little, and if it tastes bad or the flavor is messed up. Discard the casaba melon.