Does Carola Go Bad?

Carola is a large, golden-skinned potato that has a very velvety texture. This type of potato gives a beautiful, creamy, and buttery taste that just hits your tastebuds. Once you start using this type of potatoes, you will not get over them.

There is a slight difference between carola and simple potatoes. Carolas have freckles like dots on their surface. Also, the texture is uneven, and sometimes they have an irregular shape. Carolas are mainly harvested in the midseason of the year.

You will get to know all about carola potatoes in this article. If you are here for this vegetable’s shelf life and storage methods, you should carry on reading this article.

How to Store Carola?

The methods of storing carola potatoes are completely the same as you store your simple potatoes. Only the texture and flavor of carola slightly differs from the other type of potatoes. Storing this delicious veggie is very simple.

Only if you know how to store carola, then you can enjoy the maximum from it. Follow apt measures to store carola:

In your Pantry

You can store your carola in your pantry without any worry. The ideal place for storing this vegetable is at room temperature. All the types of potatoes usually last longer at room temperature than all other veggies.

Please do not wash the carola potatoes before storing them. Always wash the vegetables just before using them.

Storing away from already Bad Pieces

This is the first and foremost point for storing any fresh vegetable. If you want to store your bulk of carola potatoes, make sure there is no bad piece amongst them. A single bad piece from the fresh vegetable can spoil the whole bunch.

Check all the pieces of your veggies and discard the bruised or moldy carola pieces. If some pieces are slightly rotten, use them right away or store them away from the good pieces. You can only use perfect potatoes for long term storage.

Use Vegetable baskets or Cardboard boxes

You can keep the carola potatoes in cardboard boxes or vegetable baskets for storing them at room temperature. Make sure that the place where you store your potatoes is cool and dry. Also, place them away from sunlight.

Moisture, humidity and sunlight are the worst enemies of fresh vegetables. Moisture aggravates the growth of mold on the veggies, while the sunlight makes them gooey and soggy. So, avoid such conditions.

In the Refrigerator

You can also store the potatoes in the refrigerator. Remember, refrigerating the carola potatoes should be your last option. But you can store them in the refrigerator for long term use. The refrigerator extends the shelf life of raw potatoes.

Can you Freeze Carola?

If you want to decrease your work for the feast, you can freeze the carola potatoes. The shelf life of carola is quite long. So, there is no need to cool them. So, only freeze the potatoes for an instant time.

It is preferred to wash and cut the potatoes as you want before freezing them. If you store the potatoes in their raw form, they will stick together, and it would be very difficult to cut them. So, peel off the potatoes, then cut them however you want, and the potatoes are ready to be frozen.

How long does Carola Last?

The shelf life of carola is quite long as compared to other fresh vegetables. As long as the vegetable is placed away from unfavorable conditions, they will stay good for weeks. If you follow all the precautions before storing the carola, you will enjoy the maximum from it, and the veggie won’t go bad.

If the carola potatoes are stored at room temperature with all the precautions, they will stay good for 1 to 2 weeks. Refrigerated carola potatoes have a slightly longer shelf life. They can last for 3 to 4 weeks inside the refrigerator.

In contrast, the frozen carola can stay good for 1 to 2 months inside the freezer.

How to tell if Carola is Bad?

Bad carola potatoes can be identified easily. The texture and the smoothness do not long anymore if the potatoes go bad. The appearance becomes wilted and bad. Bad carola potatoes give a very off and unpleasant smell. You may suffer from stomach cramps because of bad potatoes, so be careful.

Bad carola shows the following signs:

  • The carola potato becomes mushy and dry if it is bad. So, discard such pieces.
  • The common sign of bad carola potato is the potato’s size shrinks to 3 quarter of its original size.
  • Bad carola potatoes smell awful. Do not use such pieces that smell bad.
  • If interacted with moisture, the carola potatoes get moldy. You should definitely
  • toss moldy pieces out because they are not good to consume.
  • If you notice any bruises or discoloration, throw the carola potatoes right away.