Does Cardoon Go Bad

Does Cardoon Go Bad?

Cardoon is a thistle similar to a plant related to the artichoke. The prime time for harvesting in spring. It is soft and has a subtle flavor. It contains silverish green leaves. It grows about 2 meters tall.

Comparable to other vegetables, yes, cardoon does go bad. The shelf-life is not too long. It merely depends on how you store your cardoon. It also depends on how fresh you bought them.

So to keep your cardoon fresh and eatable, store them with immense care. You cannot make it last longer. It will eventually go bad after a certain time period.

How to store cardoon?

There are not so many ways to store vegetables. But the few methods work wonders. You can use these methods to store your vegetable. And it will keep it tasty for a long time.

These vegetables are not found 12 months of the year. To eat them after its season, you have to store them correctly. Following are those techniques you have to adopt to store cardoon.

Keep away from sunlight

The cardoon shall not be exposed to sunlight. It will deteriorate within no time. Any source of heat is not suitable for the vegetable. It will spoil the cardoon, and your vegetable will go to waste.

Please do not keep it at the kitchen counter or pantry. The vegetable will dry out will become even softer. It shall also be not exposed to moisture.

Store in refrigerator

To keep the cardoon fresh and tasty, you have to keep it in a cool place. And the refrigerator is a good option. But keep the vegetable at a place in the refrigerator where the temperature is not too cool but less.

The raw cardoon shall not be taken into account. It will change the color and will taste nasty. Consume the vegetable as soon as possible. Because storing cardoon in the refrigerator is a short-term procedure.

Canning the vegetable

The other best option to utilize is canning your cardoon. The can vegetables can be used the whole year. But remember, it comes with an expiry date on the label.

It will not be exactly like the fresh cardoon. But it won’t taste nasty. Canning involves proper procedure as well.

By following the above techniques, you can make your vegetable eatable for quite along. Else the cardoon will spoil, and you cannot consume it. The fresher the cardoon, the tasty it will be.

Can you freeze cardoon?

For some reason, it is not recommended to freeze the cardoon. After you freeze the vegetable, it will change the color. As well as the taste will not remain the same.

Though it is a cooler place, the cardoon storing requires a little less cool area than the freezer. But only under one condition can you freeze your cardoon. Cook the vegetable cools it down. Keep the cooked vegetable in an air-tight container. Place the container in the freeze and freeze.

The uncooked after you thaw it will turn awful. And it makes no sense to use the awful cardoon.

How long will cardoon last?

It all depends on how you store the vegetable. The shelf-life is not long, so they do not last long. The cardoon goes bad in little time. And the lasting capability of the vegetable also depends on in which form you bought them. But don’t worry, if stored well, they can last you a pretty good time.

If you leave cardoon on the counter, they will hardly last you a day or two. After that, the moisture in the atmosphere will make it worse. So if you want to cook it in a day, you can keep it on the counter.

The fridge is a good option to make your vegetable last a week or two weeks. But contrary to storing in the fridge if you can your vegetable it can last you six months or even more than that.

And the cooked cardoon in the freezer will last you a good time a month.

How to tell if the cardoon is bad?

Like all vegetables, cardoon tends to go bad. Multiple ways can show you that vegetable is bad. After all the precautionary measures to make it last longer, it will go bad eventually. Following are those ways that will help you indicate the cardoon is bad;

  • The vegetable will dry out. It is one of the indicators that cardoon shall be thrown in the dust bin. You shall not eat the vegetable in this condition.
  • The cardoon will become softer. When you squeeze the vegetable, it will be spongy. Such cardoon shall be discarded and is of no good use to eat it.
  • The wrinkled vegetable is another way that shows that your cardoon is off of no use. Throw it right away. Else the awful vegetable is not good for health to consume.
  • The taste of cardoon will be horrible.
  • And the spoiled cardoon will have an unpleasant smell.