Does Cardamom Go Bad

Does Cardamom Go Bad?

Cardamom, also known as cardamon, is a tiny spice product that is famous for its aroma. It has a very thin papery outer shell and has black seeds inside. Cardamoms are very famous in Asian countries. People there use it as a spice in their everyday meals.

Cardamoms come in a variety of forms. They are in two colors; light green and black. Both of them are used as a spice. A small amount of this spice can bring a unique and beautiful flavor to your dishes.

The shelf life of cardamoms is quite long as it is as dry spice. As long as the spice is placed away from unfavorable conditions, you will enjoy maximum from it. The grounded form lasts shorter than the raw cardamoms.

How to Store Cardamoms?

You can store dry cardamoms anywhere in your kitchen at room temperature. They will stay good as long as they are placed at favorable spots. You will get to know all about your favorite spice in this article, so read on. Keep your flavorsome cardamoms at the following places at your home.

At a Cool and Dry place

Until and unless the cardamoms are placed at a cool and dry spot, they will never go bad. Either the cardamoms are grounded or in their raw form. A cool and dry place is ideal for them. They will not go bad. Only the cardamom seeds will start to lose their flavor after the best by date.

In Tightly sealed Containers

Make sure to store your spice in tightly sealed containers. Exposure to the air and stuff is not good for your spices. Always place them in airtight containers to avoid air interaction. In this way, your spice will last longer.

Exposure to the air aggravates the formation of mold on the food products. So be sure that your containers are tightly sealed.

Away from Moisture and Sunlight

The worst enemies of spices like cardamoms are sunlight and moisture. Either the cardamoms are in grounded or raw form, the sunlight and moisture will make them go bad very fast.

Exposure to sunlight makes the cardamoms go wilted. Also, the spice loses its flavor quickly than others. The outer layer of the cardamoms is very delicate that it goes bad due to heat sources.

In contrast, the moisture is also not good for the spices like cardamoms. The grounded form of cardamoms, if interacted with moisture, go clumpy and soggy. The same is the case with raw cardamoms. They also go soggy and bad.

Can we Freeze Cardamom?

If you are very conscious about cardamom’s shelf life, you can go for freezing the spice. Otherwise, there is no need to freeze the cardamoms as the spice lasts longer, even at room temperature.

You can simply freeze the spice in an airtight container. Freezing the cardamoms will extend the shelf life even more than the one’s places at room temperature. One side effect is that the frozen cardamoms will not give that fresh flavor given by the fresh cardamoms.

How long does the Cardamom Last?

As discussed above, cardamom’s shelf life is very long until they do not meet unfavorable conditions. As long as the spice is placed in a cool and dry spot, it will stay good and healthy to eat. There is a slight difference between the grounded and raw cardamoms.

The grounded cardamoms last a little shorter than the raw ones. This spice secretes an oil. The oil is released in the powdered form of cardamoms even if they are stored in airtight containers and stuff. So. The grounded cardamoms last for about 8 to 9 months if kept with all precautions.

In contrast, the raw cardamoms last really long. they stay good for 2 to 3 years even at room temperature. This is only applicable if the spice is stored properly with all precautions. The frozen cardamoms last even longer. They can stay good for 3 to 4 years inside the freezer.

How to tell if Cardamoms are Bad?

The spices like cardamoms rarely go bad. Only if they meet unfavorable conditions, they may go bad. Otherwise, they stay good even at room temperature. They only start to lose their flavor and aroma after the due date mentioned on the packaging.

Bad cardamoms show the following signs.

  • Any type of discoloration in the cardamoms results in bad and rotten spice.
  • Do not consume the cardamoms if they are mushy and out of the texture. Only use the crispy ones.
  • Make sure that the cardamoms you are using are without any bad smell and stuff. If you notice any unusual smell, discard the spice right away.
  • If you see any kind of mold and oil in the grounded cardamoms, do not use it.
  • If you notice that the cardamoms do not give a taste that hits your taste buds, then the spice is quite old. So, discard that too.