Does Cantaloupe Go Bad?

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On a hot summer day, cantaloupe is a good snack to benefit from. The fruit grows all over the globe. In China and the Middle East, this fruit crop is popular. It can also be called by different names such as muskmelon and Persian melon etc.

But yes, cantaloupe does go bad. The shelf life of the fruit is not too long and not too short. And also depends on how carefully you handle it. And in which state they were pulled out.

The storing procedure also plays an imperative role in extending its shelf-life. Or else it will go bad really quick.

How to store cantaloupe?

To extend the life of the fruit, how you shall store the fruit is really essential. The cantaloupe is used in salads in breakfast, so you have to store it inappropriate manner. You have to follow certain directions while storing your fruit. Fowling is those few methods;

Keep it in the pantry

If the cantaloupe is not cut into pieces, place it in the kitchen pantry. It can stay there fresh for quite along. The bacteria in the atmosphere cannot spoil it.

Keeping in mind the temperature should be moderate there. But you cannot place the already ripe fruit for too long in the pantry.

Keep it in the refrigerator

If you have consumed half of the cantaloupe and you want to store the other half. Once the fruit is cut into pieces, place the cantaloupe into the refrigerator. This fruit requires a cold area for storage.

The fruit will become mushy because the juice leakage from fresh fruits when cut. Place the cantaloupe in the front row of the refrigerator. By placing the fruit in the refrigerator, the fruit will remain fresh. It will also not lose its flavor in there.

Use air-tight container

Another good method to store your fruit is nicely cut them into pieces. Keep the pieces in the air-tight container. And keep the container in the fridge or refrigerator.

The air-tight container stops the flow of air in the container. It will maintain the fruit clean and protected. Do not place the container on the kitchen counter, or there are chances of fruit going bad.

If you store your fruit by adopting proper storage techniques, it will benefit you. The benefits include healthier eating. If you cut the fruit helps in making the environment-friendly and evading waste.

Can you freeze the cantaloupe?

Frozen fruit always tastes and feels good. But in the case of cantaloupe, you can freeze the fruit. It is not recommended because of certain reasons. It will change its color from light to dark and will be a lot softer after thawing.

But if you want to store it for the long-term, freezing is a great option. It is considered a protected and feasible storage preference.

You can also make a puree and place them in an ice tray to freeze. After that, place the cubes in zip-lock bad and keep the bag in the freezer. You can use the cubes to chill your fruit teas or any drink.

How long will cantaloupe last?

The answer depends on which method you use to store cantaloupe. Keeping in a cool area is recommended to make it last longer. The lasting capacity of the fruit varies in the form of fruit as well.

If you store the cantaloupe at room temperature, it will not last you longer. The fruit will be fresh for up to 1 or 2 days. You can store it there if you want to consume it shortly.

But if you store the fruit in the refrigerator, it will last you longer than room temperature. The lasting capacity of fruit in the fridge is 5 to 6 days. Only and if you store it correctly.

Lastly, if you want to make your fruit last longer than a week, storing it in the freezer is a great choice. If you store it how it is advised, it will make you last about a few months. The fruit can last you 7 to 8 months. It will be fresh till the days or months mentioned. Beyond this time, the fruit will start spoiling.

How to tell if a cantaloupe is bad?

There several ways that can make you identify if your fruit is bad or not. If you find any of the signs on your fruit, do not utilize it after that. Following are those indicators that can indicate your fruit is bad.

  • Check the outside of the cantaloupe. It spoils faster on the outside. If you see some soft spots or bruises, it means the fruit is over ripped. And you shall waste the fruit. It is not good to eat.
  • If the smell is pungent, it indicated the fruit is spoiled. Because cantaloupe has a sweet aroma, do not consume it.
  • If you see no change in the appearance, you shall east to taste. If the taste is unpleasant, throw away your fruit. It is not good for health.
  • Check if there is leakage of juice from the fruit. Or check the stem area because there are chance pathogens can enter the fruit. Those cause food-borne illnesses.