Does Cantal Cheese Go Bad

Does Cantal Cheese Go Bad?

When it’s about cheese, who doesn’t love it? Cheese gives the purest delight. On looking at the category of cheeses, we have many kinds of it. All work great for us.

Talking about the oldest of European cheeses, we have Cantal cheese. This cheese resembles English-style cheddar cheese. People enjoyed cantal cheese over two thousand years ago in ancient Rome.

This cheese is named after the Cantle Mountains present in the Auvergne region in France. It is made up of cow’s milk. Of course, it turns bad too. It can stay fine for up to a year or even more when properly stored.

How to store Cantal cheese?

Cheeses demand the full focus of cheesemakers. From the process of production to the storage of cheese, it requires full interest and attention. We have to adopt proper storage conditions to store our cheese for a long period.

We are glad you are in the right place to learn about it. This article provides all the necessary information about your Cantal cheese, storage conditions, signs of spoilage, and shelf life.

Wrap it before storing

Wrapping your Cantal cheese in a plastic wrapper helps keep it healthy. If you have cut a piece out of it, wrap it in a plastic wrapper. A plastic wrapper prevents it from losing moisture.

We would suggest that you keep changing its plastic wrapper each time you un-wrapped cheese for an even better result. After wrapping it properly, put your cheese into the refrigerator for quality purposes.

Humidity control

It would help if you had a cheese cave at home to store your cheese where there is a temperature around fifty to sixty Fahrenheit. The cheese Cave is about eighty percent humid.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a cheese cave to put your cheese. As an alternative, your basement can work too. Humidity control is necessary.

If we lack control over humidity, our cheese is more likely to spoil before its actual time of spoilage.

In refrigerator

The simplest most solution to all the issues regarding storing your cheese is to put it in the fridge. A refrigerator tends to be the best place to store your cheese.

If you lack control over humidity, put the wrapped cheese in the vegetable bin. It would keep your cheese safe from the fridge’s dehydrating airflow.

The best condition for storing your cheese is at low temperatures. Keep your cheese refrigerated after opening. Almost all kinds of cheese require refrigeration when once opened to sit healthy for a long time.

Can we freeze Cantal cheese?

Terms of storing cheese in a frozen state depend on the types of cheese. On a freezing, we know the moisture in our cheese converts to crystalline solids. It spoils our cheese from inside.

Freeing your cheese ruins its character. Keep the notion of freezing your cheese away from your mind. Yes, you can freeze the cheese. Not all kinds of cheese can be freeze.

On thawing, your cheese may change its texture slightly. We recommend you use your frozen cheese for cooking after thawing. As the changed texture of your cheese goes un-noticeable in cooked dishes. Freeing your cheese can enhance its shelf life up to 6 months.

How long does Cantle cheese last?

The life of cheese depends on its kind. Hard cheese has longer shelf life than semi-hard ones. They contain fats. Cheeses are produced in many flavors, styles, and textures. Cantal cheese ranges from hard to semi-hard forms.

When stored properly, cheese can last for a reasonable period. Unopened Cantal cheese can sit well in your fridge for two months. Sliced or chunked cheese will stay good in the refrigerator for a full four to six weeks.

Frozen cheese can last for eight months—no matter what kind, your cheese needs to be stored properly to keep it healthy for consumption. Methods to store your cheese properly have been already mentioned above in this article.

However, Cantle cheese has a shelf life of sixty days that you can increase by storing it properly. It is better to consume cheese within the time it is at its peak quality. The time of shelf life of cheese mentioned above is an educated estimate.

How to tell if Cantal cheese is bad?

Like all dairy items, cheese turns bad too. Following are some attributes you have to look for if you want to determine whether your cheese is still good to eat or not.

  • First of all, you have to sniff your cheese to figure out if it has gone bad or not. If you understand how a healthy cheese smells like, it’s easy for you to figure it out. Off smell indicates its spoilage.
  • Change in the texture can also be a sign that your cheese is no longer healthy to eat.
  • Taste your cheese. Bad taste is a dead indicator that your cheese has turned bad.