Does Canola Oil Go Bad?

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Canola oil is an economical source of fat and is used in the household. It provides you with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It also contains good cholesterol.

So, if you are keen on consuming fried items, there must be a considerable amount of it stored in your pantry. Or you went to the market, saw canola oil on sale, and bought it in bulk. There is no way that you could use it all too soon. You should store your canola oil by taking appropriate measures.

How to store Canola Oil?

Canola does not go bad quickly. It does not contain moisture, so there is no medium for molds to grow. However, if you place it where the conditions are not suitable for it, it may develop molds with a stinky smell in it. Canola oil can last for up to a year on your shelf if provided the right environment.

Store it in a cool and dry place

The most suitable environment for any food product is a cool and dry place. The cold climate helps prevent the formation of molds in it. The heat may vary the oil’s consistency and it may become bad to use.

However, the canola oil has a good shelf life for up to a year if you keep it in a cool and dry environment.

Keep it away from light and air

It would be best if you kept your canola in a dark-colored bottle that can be appropriately sealed. The light may be a source of your canola oil. It should be kept away from the air.

The presence of oxygen in the air can oxidize the oil and alter the composition of the oil. It will increase up the rancidity of your canola oil.

Strain your oil after frying

Once you have deep-fried your food in canola oil, you will have to strain your oil to remove your oil’s leftover food particles. If you leave your canola oil unstrained, the food particles’ moisture may cause rancidity in your oil. The oil will not be suitable to be used again.

The oil after it is strained should be kept in an airtight container. You should also discard your oil after you have used it three to four times for frying. The blackened oil is not healthy at all.

Can you freeze your Canola Oil?

It is not advisable to freeze your canola oil. Firstly the canola oil freezes at a relatively lower temperature, around -10 degrees. Secondly, when it thaws down, it becomes unsafe to be used.

The composition of canola oil changes when it comes back to room temperature. It also fastens up the rancidity of the canola oil. You may even notice some clumps of greenish-white molds in it after some days. It will turn greasier, and it may also thicken up.

How long will your canola oil last?

Canola oils usually offer a good shelf life. An unopened can of canola oil may stay perfect for two years in your pantry. There will be no change in its structure or composition. If you have opened your canister of canola oil, you can use it for up to a year if you have stored it well.

The canola oil may not go rancid after you have heated it thrice or more, but it becomes unhealthy to use, so it is better that you discard it after you have used it three to four times. You can store your opened canola oil in the fridge to extend its life span for more than a year.

The canola oil may turn a little cloudy upon refrigerating, but it does not spoil your canola oil. The cloudiness disappears when the oil attains room temperature. You can have your canola oil rotten in a couple of weeks after you thaw it.

How to tell if canola oil is bad?

Canola oil offers you excellent shelf life. There are rare chances of your canola oil going bad because you might have consumed all of it before its expiry date. You should also keep a check on your canola oil from time to time, so you do not unintentionally use rancid oil. The following points will assist you in checking the quality of your oil.

  • If you notice any molds in your oil, discard your canola oil. Molding is the confirmed result o spoiled oil; hence it should not be used any further.
  • If you smell off-odor from your oil, you will not like to use it in your food. It could make the taste of your food bad and suppress the aroma of it.
  • When the canola oil color turns from light golden yellow to brown, it signifies rancid canola oil. It is better that you do not use it.