Does Candlenut Go Bad

Does Candlenut Go Bad?

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Candlenut is a round-shaped, fleshy berry. It is brown or green in color, but the flesh inside is whitish in color. The origin of Candlenut is India and Malaysia. It is also known as Indian walnut, candleberry, and varnish tree. Candlenut itself has a bitter taste, and you cannot eat it raw.

Its oil can be used in cooking and making a thick paste that is very famous in Malaysia and Indonesia. It has many uses in medicines as well. It has been used in medicines for the treatment of ailments like headaches, diarrhea, and ulcer. People also use its oil to cure hair problems.

How to Store Candlenut

Candlenut is a tropical tree, which means the best suitable weather to grow and nourish is rainy weather. But it can also adapt to a dry climate. They can normally survive the temperature of 25-28 F. If you want to store a candlenut tree or its oil, you should consider few methods.

Keep it Moist

If you ever wish to store or grow candlenut in your backyard, the first thing you should be taking care of is moisture. This tree needs more water as compared to others. So be careful that the tree does not go dehydrated.

But keep it in mind that if you have the oil of candlenut, it should always be kept away from moisture, or else it will go bad.

Refrigerate it

If you want to store peeled candlenut itself, you can refrigerate it. It will not rot if kept at a lower temperature. Refrigeration can last candlenut for almost one week.

Freeze it

You might want to keep candlenut for more than a month; you should opt for the freezing method. Because doing so will preserve candlenut for 1 year. Keep it tightly packed in a sealed plastic bag.

Shelf Life

If you are using candlenut’s oil and want to store it, if kept in the dark and not warm environment, you can store it at room temperature because it will last for 6-8 months.

Away from Sunlight

The oil of candlenut is very useful, and it is very popular in Southeast Asian countries for many reasons. If you do not want to utilize it at once and need to keep it for many days, keep it away from direct sunlight exposure because sunlight will heat the oil, and eventually, the oil will get spoiled. It will help if you keep it in a shady and dark place.

Can You Freeze Candlenut

Yes, you can freeze it. Candlenut is a tropical tree that produces berry-like nuts. These nuts are used for cooking and medical purposes. Commercially they are usually frozen so that they can last longer and do not affect their freshness.

When you freeze candlenut, whether in nut form or oil form, do not forget to keep it in an airtight container and then freeze at a constant temperature. Because moisture can spoil candlenut oil, freezing will preserve candlenuts and their oil for almost 1 year while retaining their freshness and taste.

How Long Does Candlenut Last

Candlenut can last even more if you adopt some methods of storing it. The methods have been discussed in the above section, but here we will tell you how long it lasts under certain circumstances. If you want to use candlenut in few days, keeping it at room temperature will be no problem. But if you want to use peeled nuts more often, they should be kept refrigerated.

Normally the oil extracted from candlenut can survive for as long as it is not exposed to water or moisture. Any moisture can spoil the oil. Candlenut can last in the refrigerator for almost one month but make sure it is in an airtight container. If you want to store it for up to one year, keep it in a sealed container and deep freeze it, provided the temperature remains constant.

Candlenut can not last long in very warm weather, so always keep it where it is not exposed to any heat.

How To Tell If Candlenut Is Bad

Even sometimes you are taking care of it; candlenut can get spoiled. As we discussed, candlenut can spoil when kept in a warm environment or its oil is exposed to water. But while keeping it under any condition, how can you distinguish between healthy and spoiled candlenut.

For that purpose, we are mentioning some methods;

  • Smell: Use your sense of smell to indicate if the candlenut or its oil is spoiled. You will change the difference in aroma. The aroma of bad candlenut will be pungent.
  • Taste: Sometimes, you cannot feel the difference by only smelling. You have to use your tongue to check if it is bad or still can use it in cooking. The taste of rancid candlenut is sour and very bitter. By tasting, you can easily feel the difference between good and bad candlenut.