Does Camembert Go Bad?

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When it comes to fast food, who is not familiar with Pizza, one important pizza ingredient is cheese, but cheese is different, be it mozzarella or Cheddar. Cheese is a dairy product obtained from the milk of mammals. One type of cheese out of many users is Camembert Cheese.

It is best served with fruits, nuts, crackers, etc. Its baking capability is well both with or without a pastry. Cheeses like Brie and Camembert go bad, although they last longer than fresh cheese. But even then, they still have a high moisture content enough to spoil their quality.

How To Store Your Camembert Cheese

Every food item or ingredient you intend to keep safe in terms of quality needs to be properly stored. The same is the case for Camembert Cheese.

If you are a cheese lover and eating it for a long time, there’s a possibility that you are storing it wrong all your life. We will train you well enough today so that your cheese lasts longer and maintains its flavor.

So, you are wondering how you can do that. We are starting it right away not to have to throw your cheese in the bin and enjoy it for a bit longer.

Do Not Store in A Plastic Wrap

Although cheeses we use are wrapped in plastic, that is not the correct approach, plastic wrap is a full barrier by its design, and cheese requires air to stay alive.

So, if you should not store it in plastic wrap, there should be other tools to store it.

Specialty Cheese Paper

This paper is a far better option than those plastic wraps. It permits your cheese to breathe and thus maintains humidity, increasing its shelf life.

Wax or Parchment Paper

Your cheese needs to be wrapped loosely with wax or parchment paper in case of no availability of specialty cheese paper. This protects the cheese from drying and keeps it exposed to oxygen.


You can also secure your cheese by just adding a few drops of vinegar available in your home onto cheesecloth or a paper towel before storing it. It saves the cheese from an attack of molds.

A Cheese Dome

Using a dome of cheese, you allow the cheese to build its own temperature and humidity in its own environment. Besides, a cheese dome also provides elegance to your kitchen decor.

Can You Freeze Your Camembert Cheese?

Camembert cheese tastes delicious every time, either taken as an ingredient in any of the dishes or eaten alone. But does it maintain its taste even after freezing? Although you can freeze Camembert Cheese but is that freezing process worthy of being done? Well, not in actual as it affects the quality when you intend to eat it individually.

The freezing process affects its quality by inevitably affecting its texture. So, it will taste weird if eaten alone. Suppose you are willing to use your Camembert Cheese to add in dishes or a dip. Then freeze it with no hesitation.

How Long Does Camembert Cheese Last?

Well, the exact answer to how long your Camembert Cheese lasts greatly depends upon the storage conditions you provide. If you keep the cheese refrigerated every time, it will usually last longer.

In particular, if you properly store a wedge of Camembert cheese, it will usually last 1 to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. If you pack it in wax paper, it will both last and maintain its quality.

If it has a mold on it, which was not a part of the manufacturing process, the Camembert Cheese will last no longer and need to be discarded instantly.

Frozen Camembert Cheese wedge will last and maintain its good quality for up to 5 to 6 months easily. It will remain safe even beyond that time if frozen properly. Despite its shelf life, if it loses some of its flavors and becomes crumbly, it will be best suited to cooked dishes.

How To Tell If Camembert Cheese Is Bad?

It is better to understand the food item you wish to cook or even eat only. It is essential so that you don’t catch any disease after eating that particular food.

Although we can try our level best to store and preserve our food, if it even gets affected, we must know so that we remain healthy.

  • Texture: If your Camembert Cheese has gone bad, it will typically develop a hard texture around the corners.
  • Color: It may even get darker in color. If that is the case, it is not safe to use.
  • Smell: If smelling your cheese gives you an off smell, it is a clear indication of its spoilage.
  • Mold Appearance: If there is any mold appearance you witness that was not a part of the normal manufacturing process. You simply need to throw it in the garbage.