Does Cambozola Go Bad?

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Cambozola is a cheese that is obtained from cow’s milk. It has triple layers of cream, and its appearance is in texture form. It is also called blue cheese. Cambozola is very popular in Germany, Italy, and France.

It is very soft in taste. It is very beneficial for bones as it is rich in calcium. It is also used as an antibiotic. Another benefit is that it is very beneficial for heart patients as it helps to mitigate heart risk. Cambozola is a side product that is usually eaten with crackers and biscuits.

How To Store Cambozola

Companies in Germany are making it and selling it as this blue cheese is one of the famous products in those countries. Many people believe that Cambozola is a product that should only be used in the winter season.

But there are certain ways, though we can store Cambozola. And if you don’t have to wait for the winter season, you can have it whenever you want to eat.

In Your Pantry

You can keep Cambozola in the closet or even in an open place, but you have to take care of certain things, i.e., the place where Cambozola is kept should be a cool place; otherwise, the cheese will start melting.

Keep the cheese in a company packing or sealed plastic bag to keep it fresh; it is very important because a warm environment can ruin Cambozola.


Cambozola can be kept in the refrigerator, and it should be placed in a cooler place, but too much cold can spoil it. Ensure that it should be away from a wet place as moisture can change the taste, and it can also ruin the cheese.

Away from Sunlight

It should be kept away from sunlight, or it should not be kept outside openly because it can start molding, and in artificial light or sunlight, it will start melting, so it’s recommended to keep it away from the heat quality remains well.

Freeze It

If you want to keep Cambozola for a long period, the best and only method is to deep freeze it. Without freezing, it will start molding and change its taste, and eventually will be spoiled.

Can You Freeze Cambozola

It will be much better if you do not try to freeze it when you freeze Cambozola, and then if you unfreeze it and it starts melting. As a result, the high amount of moisture starts dipping from the product.

You can freeze it if you want to use it after such a long while, but doing so will change its taste a bit so that you can use it for cooking purposes later then. The drawback of freezing Cambozola is that the ingredients that produce aroma and deliciousness in cheese will not have that impact, ultimately compromising quality.

So if you are eating it raw, then it is suggested not to freeze it but keep it in the refrigerator.

How Long Does Cambozola Last

Cambozola is a fresh dairy product that is being made from pasteurized cow milk. It is eaten fresh, and it can last for three to four weeks.

If you keep it in a cool place, it will be fine, and the taste won’t change. But for that, you have to manage certain things. You can keep it in a refrigerator, so it stays cool but do not go for the freezing option.

You can keep it in the air-tight seal plastic bag or wrapping the company packing properly and keep it in a jar. This method will be very useful to keep it eatable for almost four weeks. But keep it away from places where you think insects can cause damage.

Make sure not to keep and take out Cambozola from the refrigerator back and forth because the heating and cooling process will definitely harm the cheese and will not even pass its shelf life.

How to Tell If Cambozola Is Bad

Though Cambozola has 3 to 4 weeks of shelf life, it can be expired if you do not take proper care. There are different indications to know if your cheese is no longer fit to consume.

  • Appearance: The cheese will start turning its color from cream to black as if any insect has started eating it or molding can be a prominent factor.
  • Smell: The smell of bad cheese can be felt from quite far away, as well as it has such a strange and strong bad smell that a person can easily identify that cheese should be discarded.
  • Taste: It is soft and usually has a great taste, but due to keeping it in the refrigerator every time, moisture can change the taste. Its taste will start getting sour, and the better thing to do is waste it timely.
  • Texture: When it starts deteriorating, you will notice the surface of cheese will become bubbly, which is the case that it can no longer be consumed.