Does Calabash Tree Fruit Go Bad

Does Calabash Tree Fruit Go Bad?

Calabash tree fruit is a flowering plant. It is usually found in the areas of Africa, South America, and the West Indies. It is green in color; watermelon size hardshell fruit grows on a tree. It is also called Miracle Fruit.

The most important thing is, this fruit is not eatable, though; fruit juice is being made from extracted pulp. This juice is useful for cancer treatment, and in the treatment of diabetes, this fruit is very useful. The hard shell is used to make crockery, and even musical instruments like drums are being made using Calabash tree fruit.

How To Store Calabash Tree Fruit?

Apparently, calabash tree fruit is not an eatable fruit though it has the pulp inside, which undergoes heating, and through which fruit juice has been made. This fruit juice is very famous in the Philippines.

Calabash Tree Fruit Storage

If we talk about storing miracle fruit as raw fruit, it won’t be expired unless cut and pulp are taken out. It grows on a tree, and its hard shell is very useful to make crockery items or musical instruments.

Normally, people cook fruit juices to separate the pulp and hard shell, so these shells are stored in many rooms or warehouses from where they are delivered to companies that made drums or any utensils.

Calabash Fruit Juice

Generally, fruit juice is being made from miracle fruit which is very famous in the Philippines as it naturally helps diabetic patients to cure sugar levels at a certain point. In the Philippines, many companies make fruit juice, and this is exported to many countries.

To store calabash fruit juice, extract the pulp from the fruit and heat it; after squashing properly for almost half an hour, the juice will be extracted. Keep it in the freezer and cool it down, and you can store it to drink daily.


However, it can be kept in a refrigerator to make it cool to be more refreshing and tasty. But this fruit juice should not be kept in the refrigerator for long as it will change its taste.

Keeping it Outside

It can be kept outside but covered, and it will be even better if fruit juice is away from sunlight, so there will be no chance of natural heating up.

Can You Freeze Calabash Tree Fruit?

The most obvious and simple answer is no. Calabash tree fruit cannot be freeze as its outer body is a very hard shell, and if you keep that even in a very high-density frozen area, it won’t get freeze.

In other cases, if you want to freeze Calabash fruit juice, it can be frozen, but it’s better to cool its temperature rather than freezing it because it will affect its taste, and also its quality will be compromised.

On the other hand, if you try to freeze the fruit juice, you cannot use it again due to its nutritional element, as it can be toxic and will not be good for your health.

How Long Does Calabash Tree Fruit Last?

It totally depends on how it being store and how it is being consumed. If you take calabash tree fruit as a raw fruit, it will be expired or spoiled after cutting down. These fruits are grown in trees, and this miracle fruit has a very low chance of wastage from the start because it is not an eatable fruit.

As we have already discussed, the utensils and musical instruments made from the hard shell last for quite a long time as they are actually very hard and have been using for many years.

On the other side, if we talk about fruit juice, different companies mention expiry dates on bottles, and if you are keeping it in the fridge and use it for drinking, it can be useful for almost a month. But as time will pass, its taste will get bitter, and even its nutritional elements will not affect the human body.

How To Tell If Calabash Tree Fruit Is Bad?

We will discuss how calabash fruit goes bad; one is as the raw fruit, and the second one would be fruit juice.

Raw fruit usually doesn’t spoil before cutting, but one identification that can clarify is that it is green in color, but when it is getting wasted, its color will start turning into black.

Calabash fruit juice has different factors through which clearly it can be verified it is expired.

  • Smell: Bad Smell is the primary trait that can assure a person who cannot drink further, and it should be discarded.
  • Sour Taste: It is a sweet drink that is quite refreshing and healthy, but after its expiry, it will become bitter and sour.