Does Caigua Go Bad

Does Caigua Go Bad?

You have most probably grown watermelons, cucumbers, or gourds. If yes, then there’s one thing you might have realized that numerous pests or diseases inhibit their heavy harvest. We use cucumbers in our salads, but what if we intend to harvest them on a larger scale since they catch diseases or pests more often. No problem! We’ve got a good substitute for you.

Atocha is also referred to as Caigua, Koirala, Wild cucumber, etc. It’s widely cultivated throughout America and Mexico. It may go not good. In hot climates, when water is insufficient, it goes dormant. Also, it cannot handle windy or frost sites.

How To Store Your Caigua

After reading what we mentioned just before, you have changed your mind and now thinking about growing your Caigua on a large scale because of its advantages over the cucumber, gourds, etc. You can grow Caigua on a large scale, and it will not be subjected to attack by any pest or disease. But how?

If you wish to store your Caigua, it will be good enough to use in frying, baking, boiling, stewing, and sautéing. As a raw, it can be eaten right away just like cucumber or added to salads; it can also be served with dips or in beverage making.

You may use them with meats, potatoes, tomatoes, black olives, etc. These can be kept up to 1 to 2 weeks and maintain their freshness if stored as whole and unwashed in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator.

We are sharing details of how you can store them.

Refrigerate it

As mentioned earlier, these are a substitute for your salad ingredient that is cucumber. Just like cucumbers are stored, they can also be stored for a long enough time than cucumbers.

Not storing them is easy but also worth doing. These provide good resistance to external conditions.

Do not Freeze it

It’s certainly your choice how you store them. If you freeze them, their cell membranes get broken and therefore reduces the taste.


We all love getting our taste buds to soar. Pickles are used in our daily life. We can use them as a perfect additive to elevate Pickle’s taste.

So, to cut it short, storing them is good.

Can You Freeze Your Caigua

When we want to last any food item longer than usual, we opt for freezing it. But that will not let us get along with every item we wish to store.

You might have observed; it is a very common observation that we do not freeze vegetables like cucumber or gourds in a freezer. Rather, we refrigerate them and bring them into our use in a couple of days.

Freezing is not a perfect choice to increase its shelf life as it will only be inducing tastelessness to your Caigua. So to avoid its cell membrane distortion, it cannot be frozen.

How Long Does Caigua Last

You are familiar with the shelf life of cucumbers which are used widely in our everyday life. If proper conditions are provided, they can last more or less to two weeks.

But what about if you are wondering how long is your Caigua going to last? Continue reading the article to figure that out.

Well, definitely, how long will your Caigua last? The answer to that lies in what conditions you are providing them.

When we are saying how long it will last, we are referring to the fact that up to how much time it will not lose its quality. So in that case, it lasts for about 2 weeks if kept unwashed and as a whole.

If you have frozen them right away, they will not be lasting any longer than usual it is supposed to be. Or, in more particular, it will not last in terms of quality.

How to Tell If Caigua Is Bad

Well, we have been using the term of harvesting your Caigua on a large scale throughout our article. So, in that case, how you can conclude that your Caigua is safe to serve your purpose or no longer.

  • Plant Will Go Dormant: Although Caigua is best known for its resistance against conditions, and can usually grow in almost any soil type. It goes dormant in hot climates, though.

That was in terms of plant growth; what for the raw one?

  • Odor: Like any other food, if you smell an unusual odor, it means your Caigua has gone bad.
  • Color: If you observe a color that you are not familiar with, throw it right away.
  • Taste: Using your taste buds to figure out a food item’s badness is also one thing you may apply here.

So that was all about Caigua, a pretty good enough food to use as raw or in dishes.