Does Cacao Go Bad?

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Cacao is a raw seed or beans which is extracted from Theobroma cacao or Cacao Tree. These trees are mostly grown in Indonesia, Nigeria, Ecuador, Malaysia, and other areas of Central and South American countries. These seeds are usually used to make chocolate, butter, and alcohol. Cacao is very good for health as it helps to turn blood pressure low which eventually mitigates the risk of Heart disease.

It includes fiber which makes the digestive system better. Cacao is very good for stress release as the human body feels relaxed. Its taste implies freshness, which is great for stress release. It is also sweet in taste but very suitable for diabetic patients.

How to Store Cacao?

We will tell you the multiple ways to store cacao, but you have to be very specific to store cacao as it can be expired if instructions are not followed correctly.

Refrigerate it

Cacao is not the kind of seed or bean that should be stored in the fridge ideally, but it can be stored in the refrigerator in two ways;

First is “actual product,” when you buy cacao from the market, the box or packet in which cacao is already placed, keep that as it is by covering and wrapping the box properly.

The second is “plastic bag,” for any reason, if the company packing of cacao is wasted or ruined, you can put that in a plastic bag, but it should be sealed tightly so air cannot pass and cacao remains dry.

In Pantry

The most prudent and simplest way to store cacao, which can increase cacao’s shelf life, is to store it in a closet; It should be kept in a room or place which is dark and have a cooler that can be considered as slightly better than room temperature.

The most important thing you have to take care of is that place or keep it in a dry area. On the other side, as long as cacao is dry, it can be stored for a longer period.   

Away from Sunlight

Store it in a place with slightly cooler temperatures than room temperature, and there is one important aspect that is mandatory to look forward to store cacao.

There should be no sunlight or even other lights for a long time where you are keeping cacao. Furthermore, sunlight or even artificial light can make the beans heat up, and if it’s in chocolate form, it can melt as well.

Can You Freeze Cacao?

Cacao is a bean or seed, it can be stored, but it cannot be freeze until it is different. Normally it can be in two forms, i.e., chocolate or Cacao nibs.

If it is in chocolate form and it is being purchased in a large quantity, that is very obvious it cannot be finished in one go so that chocolate can be freeze and it can be kept for a longer period.

If it is in the form of cacao nibs, it should not be considered freeze as it will start containing moisture, Cacao can defiantly be stored, but it should be completely dry as moisture can damage cacao.

How Long Does Cacao Last?

When you are considering storing cacao, you must have queries about how much it can last and how long it can be fresh for further use. In terms of taste and shelf life and as if it is in chocolate form, how much longer it can last.

If cacao is in chocolate form and frozen, it can last for almost 2 years without changing the taste. But if we keep that in the refrigerator and then use it and again put it in to freeze, it won’t last long.

Cacao can last from 6 months to 12 months if it is being placed in a closet or dark room with a cooler temperature, and it should be airtight as well. The good thing about cacao is that it does not affect a person eating person even after the expiry date for at least 6 months.

How To Tell If Cacao Is Bad?

Cacao is a bean or seed which do not go bad that quickly, but there are some points through which you can identify if cacao is getting spoiled.

  • Bad Smell: Cacao often goes, but if it does, it starts stinking, and it has a quite bad smell that can be stated the identification of bad cacao.
  • Texture Change: Moisture or keeping in a place where it can get wet can be why cacao can be ruined. By having a look, you can tell beans or seeds will be spoiled.
  • Taste: Cacao is sweet in taste, but after its expiry date or keeping it in light, its taste will start changing, and it will become slightly tasteless. But the good thing is even if its taste changes, it won’t harm the human body as it does not affect the internal system even after being expired.