Does Cabecou Go Bad

Does Cabecou Go Bad?

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Cabecou is known as Goat cheese. It is mainly found in France, and it is one of the most popular appetites in Aquitaine. It is cream in color. It is disc shape and quite small in size. Ladies working on farms are making cachou for years.

Cabecou is very beneficial for health as it helps to create red blood cells in the human body, and also its consumption helps a person eat less, which creates an impact on weight loss. Goat Cheese contains calcium which makes bones stronger, and it also kills the bacteria inside the human body, which makes the immune system better.

How to Store Cabecou

Cabecou is goat cheese. It is very soft, and it requires to be handled very gently. If it is not stored properly, it will start molding, and its color will change from cream to blue. There are certain ways through Cabecou can be store.

In Refrigerator

The easiest and simplest way to store cabecou is to put it in a freezer. This will help to store cabecou for longer. If you keep Cabecou in the refrigerator, it can last for a week, but if you freeze it in cubes or pieces, it can last for approximately one month, which a quite a good period.

To store properly, you have to cut cabecou in pieces. You can use a cube-shaped utensil to store it like cubes, or you can just cut pieces and put them in a tight plastic bag and freeze them, and when you want to use it, you can take it out from the refrigerator within 30 minutes before using.

In Closet

If you don’t have the refrigerator facility, you can store Cabecou in the closet, but it won’t last long due to its softness; it will start melting. But for the time being, you can cut the cabecou in pieces, or you can wrap the complete roll with cheesecloth tightly and keep it in an air-tight jar.

In Open Area

Suppose you want to use Cabecou for a longer period, make sure you don’t put it in an open area or sunlight; it is very soft, so when you keep it outside, or sunlight will reflect, it will start melting, and after that, when you will put it again in the refrigerator, it will be expired.

Its color will start changing due to molding, which will affect the taste and quality. It cannot be used further.

Can You Freeze Cabecou?

As we have already mentioned above, cabecou is very soft. It is used as a side appetite with bread or salad. It can be frozen in cubes or into pieces. If it is being frozen properly, it lasts quite for a long time.

You have to make sure cabecou is dry and there is no moisture, and for that, you can dry it with cheesecloth. After that, you can make the cubes and freeze them in the refrigerator. The best thing is when you take it out, after 30 minutes, it will soften again. You don’t have to defrost it by heating it due to its softness.

How Long Does Cabecou Last?

Certain factors play an important role in eatable things, which are being calculated to get a lasting result. The factors can be considered as shelf life, health effect, and taste.

In terms of shelf life, it can last for a month if it is being kept in the refrigerator, but if it is frozen properly in cubes or tight plastic bags, it can last for almost one month.

The fresher the product, the healthier it will be. When it is being kept for too long, a person can eat it but won’t give that beneficial impact; for example, it will not be that impactful to kill internal body enzymes because it is stored for a longer time.

Taste is also affected; for four weeks, the taste is almost the same, but its taste also changes if it is not kept properly.

How to Tell If Cabecou Is Bad?

  • Taste: Its taste will start changing, and you will start tasting it; it will be more off taste, and if you eat it more, it can affect your health, so it would be better to stop using it and discard it.
  • Bad Smell: As cabecou will be expired, it will start stinking, which can be identified clearly that it cannot be used further.
  • Mold: When cabecou gets bad, you can see the molding or patches, and its color will also start changing from cream to blue, which can tell that a human cannot eat it.
  • Moisture: One more identification that hints that cabecou is going bad, and it is it will start getting moisture, and if you lift it with any cloth, the liquid will start dipping. It will also create a strong smell which will tell that cabecou cannot be used.