Do Burdekin Plums Go Bad

Does Burdekin Plum Go Bad?

Burdekin Plum is a rounded, squat shape plum that is local to coastal Queensland. You can find fresh Burdekin Plums for a couple of months throughout the year. These plums can be available in any fruit shop and will be at cheaper rates when they’re in season.

Before buying this tempting fruit, you must know about its storage, shelf life, and spoilage duration. This information will help you to eat healthily and keep yourself fit. You can also store it for some time, keeping all its nutrients safe. Read on to know how long you can store Burdekin Plum and when it will start going bad.

How to Store Burdekin Plum

Storing Burdekin Plum is not a very difficult task because the shelf life of ripe and unripe Burdekin Plum is different, so its storage duration varies. Here are the ways by which you can store fully ripe or little ripe Burdekin Plums.

Keep in a Closed Container

A plum that is firm to touch or not giving the full fruit aroma is not fully ripened. It is suggested to keep such plums in a closed box wrapped in paper. You can also keep Burdekin Plums in a fruit basket while keeping them wrapped in any paper. Keep on checking it and immediately remove the wrapping once you see that the fruit is ready to eat. Generally, unripe plums take 1 – 2 days to ripen.

Away from Sunlight

An unripened plum should not be placed in direct sunlight exposure, as it can spoil the fruit before it gets ripped. It should be placed in a shady place. Always discharge the sour plum and never put it along with other plums as it will spoil others as well.

Keep in Lower Temperature

When the blue plum changes its colour to dark blue and a purple one changes to dark purple, then it is ripened. Moreover, a ripened fruit has its characteristic smells, and it is slightly tender to touch. Make sure to keep the fruit at this stage in the colder temperature of the refrigerator.

Do not Keep in a Warm Place

Talking about a ripened fresh plum that you just bought from the market, the best way is to place it in a beautiful fruit basket on your dining table. But if the temperature is warm there, then never keep the fruit outside of a refrigerator.

Refrigerate it

Refrigerating is the best way to store any fruit for one or two days. Besides, refrigerating will cause it to chill, which will enhance its taste. It is best to keep the fruit in the fridge’s fruit box so that its smell doesn’t get mixed with other things around.

Can You Freeze Burdekin Plum

Yes, you can freeze Burdekin Plum, and you will be likely to do it for various reasons. First of all, this fruit is not available throughout the year to crave it anytime. Secondly, you can also freeze Burdekin Plum to make its delicious juice, jams, or preserves.

However, freezing must not exceed from 4 to 5 months. Keep in mind that the frozen fruit will not be giving the perfect taste of that fresh one. But freezing Burdekin Plum is a very common thing that most farmers and juice manufacturers do.

How Long Does Burdekin Plum Last

The shelf life of fully Ripened Burdekin Plum outside the refrigerator is 2 to 3 days (in colder temperature). While in the refrigerator, the plums maintain their taste and quality for five days or, in rare cases, a week. It is best to refrigerate it.

While the unripe plums take two days on average and after fully ready, the fruit can last for a week. The ripe Burdekin Plum can retain its taste for approximately 1-2 days outside if the temperature is cold or 3 to 5 days in the fridge.

At room temperature, Burdekin Plum deteriorates much faster. Here is a tip that prevents the fruit from heat. Make sure not to keep it near the stove or a window where the Sunlight is coming from. In this way, the fruit can last longer by keeping its full taste.

How to Tell If Burdekin Plum Is Bad

Burdekin Plum changes its color, texture, taste, and smell when it is near to spoilage, and it depends on various factors. To know if the fruit is bad, you have to look for the following signs:

  • Shriveled skin: When it is near to decay, the fruit changes its texture, so the Burdekin Plum will start having wrinkled or shriveled skin after losing its shelf life. Also, the fruit will not taste like a delicious fresh plum at this stage.
  • Losing Firmness: When the plum is super soft that even its round-shaped is not maintained and pressed from either side, it is rotten.
  • Worms or larvae inside: Remove Burdekin Plum’s pit to get to see if there are any larvae inside. The presence of insects is, of course, an extreme sign of fruit’s deterioration.