Does Brown Sugar Go Bad?

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Many people are huge fans of brown sugar. They prefer brown sugar over white sugar as it gives a nutty flavor to the desert. The caramelized flavor elevates the dish.

Brown sugar consists of different molasses and provides different minerals. This is the reason that the brown sugar has a good shelf life. You can use brown sugar for 2 years which is why you can consume all of your brown sugar before it expires.

However, if it is kept under unfavorable conditions, it may get spoiled quickly. In the case you would probably not like it, and you should try to avoid them. If you have a bulk of brown sugar and are concerned about it, you can store it by following some simple steps.

How to store brown sugar?

Brown sugar usually does not spoil. Sugars are preservatives and so do not develop molds and bacteria in them. Interestingly, brown sugar has a long shelf life of around two years. You can store your brown sugar in the following ways to extend its life span.

Place it in a dry place

You should make sure wherever you place your brown sugar; the place should be dried. Brown sugar absorbs moisture readily because it is a hygroscopic substance.

When brown sugar absorbs moisture, the sugar will start to clump up. When your sugar is touched with water, it will immediately start to liquefy. All the sugar crystals will melt down into the caramel.

Dark places are good for your brown sugar

Sunlight is the enemy of your brown sugar. You should try to keep your brown sugar in a darker place. When sunlight interacts with the brown sugar, the brown sugar absorbs heat energy and starts melting down.

The melted brown sugar looks like a complete mess, and working with it is even messier. Therefore, you should never place your brown sugar under direct sunlight. You can place them in your pantry or closed cabinets.

Use an airtight container for your brown sugar

When you open your packet of brown sugar, there are chances of its spilling when you use it again. When you are placing your sugar in a container, an airtight container should be preferred. The airtight container prevents the absorption of moisture in the brown sugar.

It is also better to use a plastic container instead of steel or a metallic box for your brown sugar. The metallic container may react with the brown sugar and may end up producing a toxic substance. It could cause severe ailments.

Can you freeze your brown sugar?

Although it is not very appropriate to freeze brown sugar as it is all good on its own. Brown sugar has a good shelf life and can still work correctly in your dishes if refrigerated. You can do so if you feel that you will not use it for some time.

You can place your brown sugar in airtight containers or zip lock bags and put them straight in the freezer. They will not freeze as they are granular. The freezer will only keep them at a low temperature. It will help prevent the development of molds and bacteria.

How long does your brown sugar last?

Brown sugars can live up to eternity if they are provided suitable storage conditions. The brown sugar can stay perfect for up to two years. It can only happen if they are kept away from light and in a dry place.

If you freeze your brown sugar, you can use it whenever you want. If you find that your brown sugar is hardening up, there is no need to worry about it. The hardened brown sugar is not harmful to use. It is still okay to use it. You can bring it back to room temperature or heat it over water for five to ten seconds to soften it up. You can even use a fork to crush it down.

How to tell if brown sugar is bad?

Brown sugars, having a good shelf life, can be used up for many years. There is no fear of it going rancid. But if you notice the following signs in your brown sugar, it is high time that you should stop using it. It should be discarded right away.

  • The bugs and pests are greedy for any sugar. If you notice any bug or pest in your sugar, do not use it and discard it.
  • The growth of bacteria and molds in the brown sugar makes the sugar unhealthy to be used. Nothing is more important than your health. You should throw your sugar away.
  • If the color of brown sugar changes, there may be a chance of it going bad. You will have to consume it immediately if it tastes okay.
  • If there is a stinking smell coming out of your brown sugar, you should better not take the risk of using it.