Does Brown Rice Go Bad?

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Brown rice is considered one of the popular rice types all around the globe. You will find a giant bag of these brown rice in the pantry of almost all the cooks. They contain higher oil content in the bran than white rice, which increases the chances of them going bad.

The uncooked brown rice has a shelf life of about 8-9 months. However, storing them in a refrigerator will increase its shelf life to around a year. Alternatively, the cooked brown rice goes bad quickly as it does not have a longer shelf life. They only will last for about five days.

How to store Brown Rice?

Storing food products properly is important as it increases the shelf life. Besides, the food lasts for a bit longer period retaining its best quality. Brown rice has a shelf life of about eight months. However, it would help if you stored them in a good way to have them last for this long. This can be done by taking care of the following things.

Place it in a cool and dry area

Whenever you buy a giant bag of brown rice, you should keep them in a cool and dry area. You can keep it in the pantry too. Similarly, keeping it in the cupboard of the kitchen is not a bad idea. After you bought brown rice, please keep it in an airtight container or jar where there is no moisture.

Store in refrigerator

The refrigerator is known as one of the best places to store food products. Storing brown rice in the refrigerator is also a good idea. The shelf life of brown rice is also increased by storing them in a refrigerator.

Keep the rice sealed

In uncooked rice, there is a chance of insects and bacteria to get in. Therefore, you should keep them sealed every time. If you want to keep the insects away from the rice, try keeping dried bay leaves in the container of uncooked rice. These leaves do not allow insects to get in.

Freeze cooked rice

Cooked rice does not have a longer shelf life. They last for about four days, and it is better to freeze the cooked rice. Please put them in an airtight container before freezing. It will increase the shelf life of cooked brown rice.

Can you freeze brown rice?

Many of the food products can freeze. Freezing increases the shelf life of food products. Brown rice freezes very well as we know that the cooked brown rice lasts for only a few days, but it will last for a longer period if you freeze it.

Brown rice takes time in cooking but freezes well. You can save your time by freezing cooked brown rice. So, after cooking brown rice, let them cool down at room temperature. Transfer them in airtight containers or freezer bags and chuck them into the freezer. You can freeze the rice for many weeks. However, it is better to use them within six months.

How long does Brown Rice last?

Rice has a longer shelf life, but the brown rice is less shelf-stable than white rice. It is because the brown rice contains more natural oil than the white one. Every manufacture has its shelf-life instructions, and it is only an estimate.

Brown rice can last for 1-2 years. The manufacturers give the expiry dates, but the rice does not go bad after the date has passed. The dates mentioned tell us about the peak quality of the product. Brown rice lasts for about a year; it can retain its peak quality in this period.

Cooked brown rice lasts for about 4-6 days in the refrigerator. It may last for a few days more, but after that, mold will start forming in it. However, if you want to store the brown rice for more than a week, freezing is the best option where they can be store for months.

How to tell if Brown Rice is bad?

It is very easy to spot if the brown rice has expired or gone bad. Uncooked brown rice may become oily and give an unpleasant smell because they release oil and fatty acids when they get spoiled. On the other hand, cooked brown rice is much easier to identify when it gets spoiled. There will be a change in taste, color, and odor.

  • Check the signs of molds or dark spots, and if you notice any, this means that the rice has gone bad. You should not eat it and get rid of it immediately.
  • If the rice smell is off when you take it out of the refrigerator, it is not good for eating. Throw it immediately.
  • If you notice insects in the rice, this is also a sign of spoilage. It can happen if bacteria entered the bag or container before sealing it, and after that, they grew in it. In this case, please don’t use it and get rid of it immediately.