Does Brocciu Go Bad

Does Brocciu Go Bad?

Brocciu is a type of cheese. It is considered a national food in Corsica and the island of the Cote d’Azur. The word brocciu is derived from the word brousse, a French word that means fresh cheese made with goat or ewe’s milk.

It is a fresh sweet cheese with a strong smell of milk. Brocciu is an ingredient of many foods like soups, pastries, vegetable recipes in Corsica. It is also used in breakfast and as a dessert. It is also similar to the ricotta cheese in Italy.

As it is then used as an ingredient in many foods, let’s discuss the question: Does Brocciu Go bad? ┬áIt is a type of cheese, so it cannot go well if not stored properly. Let’s discuss in the article below that how to store it to prevent spoilage and so that we can use it after a long time.

How to store Brocciu?

Of course, cheese lasts for a shorter period of time if it is not stored properly. It has to be stored properly not to get spoiled very easily and can be used for a long time. Here are some of the ways through which brocciu cheese can be stored and can be used later.

In refrigerator

As it is a type of soft cheese, it has to be stored with proper care as it has a short period of time compared to hard cheese. We can store the brocciu cheese in the refrigerator at 40*F or lower than it.

It has to be stored in an airtight container or plastic wrap to not be in contact with moisture because moisture can cause bacteria to grow more rapidly.

At room temperature

Brocciu cheese is a type of soft cheese, so it cannot be stored at room temperature for a longer period of time because it will degrade quickly when the temperature increases or if it is stored for more time.

Can you freeze Brocciu?

Cheese of all types, especially hard cheese, is best to be stored in the freezer because it can stay longer in the freezer than that of the refrigerator or the kitchen. If you want a longer period of time, you can store the cheese in the freezer in an airtight container.

Compared to hard cheese if stored in the freezer, soft cheese can change its texture and consistency easily. Softer cheese does not freeze well because the moisture within the cheese can form ice crystals, and when they are defrosted, their texture is altered. Brocciu cheese has to be defrosted in the refrigerator like other cheese.

How long does brocciu last?

The lifetime of all cheese is the same at a point. The lifetime of brocciu cheese depends upon how it is stored or with which techniques. If it is stored with proper care, its lifetime can be increased and enjoyed later with our food.

The shelf life of brocciu cheese is 48 hours that is 2 days a week, but if it is stored carefully, it can be increased from 5 to 6 days. The ideal affinage time for brocciu cheese is about 1 month.

If it is prepared or cooked with a portion of food, then the lifetime of brocciu cheese depends on the quickest expiration ingredient added to the food.

If brocciu is stored in the freezer, it can last long to 6 months, but it can also alter the taste, freshness, and texture.

It can last up to 1 week after the expiration date, but the recommendation will be that it will be better to use it with the printed expiration date.

To use the Brocciu cheese with freshness and with its best quality, use it under 2 days (48 hours) so that you can enjoy it easily with your meals without any worries about spoilage.

How to tell if brocciu is bad?

Like other foods, cheese can also get spoiled, and it has major signs of spoilage. The human sense is the perfect instrument to tell that if the brocciu has gone bad or not, one can easily enjoy their meals with no worries.

One of the major signs by which you can tell if the brocciu is bad or not is the growth of blue or green mold and the soft brocciu cheese color. If you see the mold sign-on cheese, you have to throw the whole cheese away and replace it with another one.

Another way to know about the spoilage of the cheese is its smell and taste. If it has an unpleasant or off smell, throw it away and don’t use it further with or in your food. The best technique of knowing about the smell is that while purchasing cheese, smell it and so that if the change in smell occurs while using it, you will get to know that the cheese is not well.

After all the tests fail, the last instrument is to taste the cheese if it is gone bad or not. If it tastes unpleasant, the sour taste gets rid of it, and don’t use it further with your food.