Does Bourbon Go Bad?

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Bourbon is a liquid that is quite hard in nature. It does not get bad easily. Bourbon is just like whiskey and beer, but its life is not that much as whiskey. It contains a huge amount of alcohol. Therefore, bourbon cannot get affected by bacteria or fungus-like any other food.

The high potency of alcohol kills the bacteria by itself. However, the mistakes in the preservation of bourbon can make it bad. Though if you do not open bourbon, then it will not go bad. Similarly, if bourbon remains unopened, that can get worse.

This is because the opened bottle will get air in it, which will make bourbon oxidized. The oxidized bourbon means it is the spoiled one. Similarly, the bourbon can get worse if you keep it in the sunlight.

Also, if you keep it in unfavorable temperatures, then it can also get worse. Bourbon is the whiskey type, and all beers and whiskey need some dark and cold temperature to stay normal.

How to Store Bourbon

Bourbon can be stored as you store liquors like whiskey and beer. However, it is the type of drink that cannot easily go bad. Therefore you can store it in quantity as much you want. There are few ways to store bourbon in a good manner. These basic ways to store bourbon are as under.

Store Bourbon in Upright Position

Like beer and whiskey, you should store bourbon in an upright position, either on a shelf or elsewhere. There is a huge level of alcohol in bourbon. This can destroy the cork of bourbon if you do not put it in the right position.

Therefore, you need to take care of its cork to store bourbon in an upright position. This can help you to store your bourbon for a long time without affecting its quality.

Store Bourbon at Dark Place

Another way to store your bourbon is that you can store it in a dark place. You need to protect the bourbon from sunlight and any other light source. It would be best if you also stored your bourbon away from the heat source.

The warmer temperature is not good for bourbon. The best place to store your bourbon at home is to store it in your basement.


The next way to store the bourbon is refrigerating. You can store the bourbon in the refrigerator. This will keep the bourbon at a good temperature, which will help it store for a long time.

Store Bourbon in Favorable Temperature

Bourbon is a product that needs a favorable and constant temperature to store it. The warmer temperature is not good for bourbon and even not too much cold temperature. Therefore you need a favorable temperature to store the bourbon.

Can You Freeze Bourbon?

There are a lot of drinks and other food product that you can put it in the freezer. However, talking about bourbon so you can keep it in the freezer for a maximum of ten minutes.

Bourbon, not a type of drink that you can put in the freezer for a long time. If you put it in the freezer for a long time, it will get slushy, and the taste may change too.

How Long Bourbon Last

Bourbon is a type of wine and whiskey that you can store in many ways. Bourbon is a stiff liquor; this is the reason that it can last long. The shelf life of bourbon is mainly the time until it gets expired.

However, the bourbon can last for years if you keep it unopened. The opened bottle of bourbon cannot last long. However, the unopened bottle can also last for some time. Like other drinks, bourbon does not suddenly get bad when it remains open.

The opened bottle of bourbon starts to evaporate. Then slowly, it gets bad, but bourbon is a product that lasts quite long. The estimated time of bourbon is indefinite.

The only thing is if you preserve it in a good manner, then it can last for many years. On the other hand, if you do not preserve it properly, it can be spoiled within few months or even earlier.

How To Tell Bourbon Is Bad?

Bourbon is a drink that does not get spoiled by bacteria because of its high alcohol potency. However, many other things can spoil your bourbon. Such as the oxidization, the source of heat or light can spoil the bourbon.

Moreover, the spoiled bourbon can have a difference in it than that of normal. You can easily detect that when your bourbon is bad. Though few indicators can tell you that your bourbon is spoiled. The following indicators are as under;

  • Foul Smell: When the bourbon gets bad, then you call to feel some inappropriate odor in it.
  • Discoloration: The next indicator is that when bourbon goes bad, then you will feel the change it is color.
  • Different Taste: The spoiled bourbon will give you a different taste than that of normal.