Does Boniato Go Bad

Does Boniato Go Bad?

On Caribbean island, it is one of the most popular potatoes. It does taste sweet but not as sweet as other sweet potatoes. It is like tuber with white flesh and pink and purple skin.

It does not contain much sugar content. And they do not contain much moisture. And you can use it as a substitute in any recipe that requires sweet potato.

So yes, the Boniato tends to go bad. However, it has less moisture but tends to spoil too easily. They can go bad if you mix them with other ingredients. And how long it can stay depends on how you keep them.

How to store Boniato?

Boniato is a really healthy root vegetable. It is full of fiber. People often use Boniato in their diets. It is a good substitute. The shelf-life of this potato is not too long. So you have to store them properly. It would last you a little longer.

There are just a few ways you can use to store your root vegetable. By following the ways, the vegetable will retain its flavor and taste. Following are those methods you can adopt;

Shallow air-tight container

To store your Boniato, keep those in either a shallow air-tight container or zip lock bag. Keep the container or bag in the fridge. The ideal temperature to keep them is 45 F or 50 F.

In a shallow air-tight container, the air will pass into the container. It will help in keeping the potato fresh, and the moisture will be intact.

Store in a dry place

The Boniato already has moisture in it. It is suggested to keep them in a dry and cool place. If the moisture from the atmosphere will add to it will make you Boniato awful. And eventually, you will have to throw them. It is highly recommended to place the Boniato in the food cupboard.

Do not refrigerate

The refrigerator is not a good option for storing your root vegetable. The vegetable will start losing their flavor within few days if you keep them outside the refrigerator.

But if you try to store them in a refrigerator, losing flavor will accelerate because there is a lot of moisture present in the refrigerator. And moisture is a no-no for this vegetable.

These above-mentioned points you shall keep in mind while storing Boniato. In this way, you can increase the shelf-life of your vegetable. That you can consume for few days while still retaining the taste.

Can you freeze Boniato?

The answer is not that easy. The freezing of Boniato depends on which forms you are going to freeze. If you want to freeze it in raw form, then it is not suitable. But you can store them if they are boiled.

Wash your vegetable, slice them, and put the slices in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes. It shall maintain little firmness. Let them cool at room temperature.

Use freezer-safe bags to store the sliced vegetable. Make sure you squeeze out the excess air and then freeze. You can use the frozen Boniato slices in soups, stews, etc.

How long will Boniato last?

You cannot store Boniato for too long. That’s not possible. Yet you can adopt certain storage methods to make your vegetable last longer.

If you store them at room temperature or in the kitchen pantry, it will last you few good days. But then it will go not very good within a short time. You cannot make it last longer at that temperature.

And if you want to store it for a week or two, keeping them in the fridge is suitable. There it will last you up to 10 days. And then later, it will start losing its potency. You will not have the same taste.

If you want to store it more than that, freezing is a good option. But raw Boniato will become mushy and watery after you thaw them. So the boiled sliced root vegetable packed in the zip-lock bag will last you more than a month.

These are some of the methods you can use to make the Boniato last a little longer than its own shelf-life.

How to tell if Boniato is bad?

There are not too many ways to know if your Boniato is bad. But you can check using few methods for confirmations to know about your vegetable. Following are those indicators through which you can get an idea.

  • First, you have to check the texture. In general, it has a definite skin. But if you feel some changes like the vegetable is mushy. Know that your vegetable has indicated that rot has taken place.
  • Then check for discoloration. If it is changing its original color, it means the Boniato is going bad. Do not eat and discard your vegetable without thinking for a minute.
  • Odd growth on Boniato or protuberances you shall consider it as your root vegetable going bad. But that does not mean if you witness sprouts, your vegetable is bad. Other than that, throw it and do not eat.