Does Bok Choy Go Bad?

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Bok choy is one of the unique vegetables in the world. It is called Chinese cabbage and also called white cabbage in china. Bok choy is a vegetable that contains vitamin A, C, vitamin K, carbohydrates, potassium, zinc, sugar, fiber, and protein.

There are rare chances for the vegetables to go bad, but if you use bok choy in a high quantity, you may face thyroid issues once it is observed that a woman who used to eat bok choy daily went into a coma due to take too much bok choy in daily food.

How to Store bok choy

Bok choy is not for long time use vegetable, it can be used for few days and can be cooked in different vegetables. It looks like cabbage, and people mostly use it in raw condition too. Bok choy can be stored in cold and dark places.

Store in Resealable Plastic bag

If you want to use bok choy within one or two days, you can store it in a resealable plastic bag, and you can put that bag into the refrigerator. Just wash it well before putting into a plastic bag to get ready to use vegetable from the fridge.

As far as its storing concerns, plastic bags are among the best options to store them; you should use a reseal the plastic bag to store them.

To store in Plastic Basket.

Bok choy can also be used in raw condition, and it can also be store in raw form.

You should keep few things in mind. First of all, cut it off up to two inches from the base. It will help you to clean the vegetable. Now put the leaves into a water bowl and remove the dirt from the vegetable with your hands; after that, stain the bok choy and remove the water. Use a tissue or short kitchen towel to try the vegetable.

Now wrap into plastic bag and store into the fridge.  Normally, when you purchase this vegetable from the market, you should use it on the same day, but you can use this vegetable for three to five days while storing the way expressed above.

Can You Freeze bok choy?

Yes, of course, bok choy can be freeze. Ideally, winter is the best time to store vegetables, and this season is ideal for every vegetable, as in the winters, the life of vegetables and fruits increased.

Most of the fruits and vegetables need a low temperature to survive when the eatables reach the market for sale purposes or are purchased by the consumer. They need some extra care to store if you are thinking of using them for few coming days. For storing bok choy in the freezer, you must wrap it in white plastic paper or normal white paper to increase its life.

How Long Does Bok Choy Last

You are suggested to use plastic bags, cold and dark place to store bok choy, there are many stages of the life of bok choy and different time spams it lasts, its seed cultivar from 1mm to 1.150 mm in diameter. Normally it’s harvested in two to three months, which is a little long, but this is just harvesting life. After harvesting, bok choy can be used for one to two days.

Normally bok choy is dependent on storing on its conditions and temperature too. If you want to store it will remain fresh for five to ten days. The fresh vegetable can be used for one to two days if you put it at a normal temperature from 5°C to 10°C. If the temperature is high and more than 20°C, it may decrease its life and not usable on the second day. You must avoid using it when you see its leaves wilted or wrinkled.

How to Tell If Bok Choy Is Bad

Bok Choy is an eatable and cookable vegetable, which can be easily used. Many ingredients in it are very beneficial for the human body, if you use it more than required, it may affect your health, and a few of the side effects are as under:

  • If you use bok choy in more than the required quantity, you can get a thyroid issue.
  • If we talk about its taste, after using its expiry date, it may change its taste.
  • Bok choy is having a high quantity of vitamin K. A high vitamin K intake may play a role in your blood to make clots in it.
  • There was a case reported in China, which may be very rare, but as per the case, an older woman ate bok choy in routine for few months, which badly affected her health, resulting she admitted to the hospital, but luckily her life was saved.