Does Boerenkaas Go Bad

Does Boerenkaas Go Bad?

Boerenkaas is a word designed by the European Union in 2007. Boerenkaas is called a Dutch cheese. It is made up of raw milk from different animals like sheep, cow, cattle, goats or buffalo. Its texture is semi-hard.

It also contains cumin and different types of seeds, herbs, and spices to add some flavour to your diary items. Boerenkaas has an acute flavour in taste, and its smell is really good.

Fresh Dutch cheese is really good in taste and gives a thick texture to your food. When you left your boerenkaas out in hot temperature and unrefrigerated, it doesn’t go good. When boerenkaas is gone bad, its smell and taste are like sour milk, and it may cause your bad health and illness.

How to store boerenkaas?

If you want to store boerenkaas for longer use, it is very simple and has an easy way that contains a few steps. All you need is to follow the steps before storing the boerenkaas; the following steps are taking place.

The best way to store your boerenkaas you need cheese paper. It will help you store your boerenkaas maximum of 4 to 5 days without putting your Dutch cheese in the refrigerator.

If you don’t have cheese paper, you can also use baking paper, butter paper, or waxed paper. Another option is you can also use a plastic bag and put your boerenkaas on it.

The question is raised if you don’t use a plastic bag or plastic paper because it can only contain a maximum of 3 to 4 days in storing; what should you used to extend the shelf life of boerenkaas.

The appliance is to store a Dutch cheese in the best way are:

Add Vinegar

It is surprising but true because if you add some vinegar to your cheese paper, it will increase the shelf life of boerenkaas. You can easily wrap it and store it, it won’t change the shape of cheese, and it will be as fresh as a daisy.

In the refrigerator

It would be best if to have a normal temperature to store boerenkaas in the refrigerator. You can put your Dutch cheese in the refrigerator box because the box area is a little bit warmer, so the temperature you need is between 40 and 50 F is required for the storing process of boerenkaas.

Keeping storing cheese fresh is a little bit hard, and its shelf life is very tiny, but if you increase the shelf life, make sure things are kept clean before making boerenkaas.

It is really important to take some precautions before making Dutch cheese:

  • Your hands are clean
  • things are used in it must be dry
  • Don’t overcook the milk.

Away from the sun

As you already know, we need a normal temperature for storing the boerenkaas. So, the sunlight and direct heat destroy your boerenkaas very easily. Avoid placing the Dutch cheese near the heat source.

Can you freeze boerenkaas?

Freezing is another tool to store your handmade boerenkaas, but it is used only for cooking purpose if you freeze the Dutch cheese. You can freeze the boerenkaas only for 6 to 8 months. After 6 to 8 months, its texture and shape are changed, and the flavour is like sour milk. Frozen cheese will remain safe to drain, but the semi-hard structure will change during the period of time.

How long the Boerenkaas last?

Once you opened the Dutch Cheese, you can use it for 6 weeks. The shelf life of storing after you opened it is very tiny, but in unopened semi-hard cheese, it depends on the packing and expiry date.

In the fridge

  • Unopened semi-hard cheese lasts for 1-2 months.
  • Slice semi-hard cheese lasts for 1 month.
  • Opened Hard cheese chunks last for 3-6 weeks.

In freezer

  • Unopened semi-hard cheese lasts for 6-8months.
  • Slice semi-hard cheese lasts for 6-8 months.
  • Opened Hard cheese chunks last for 6-8 months.

How to tell if Boerenkaas is bad?

The first thing is you can check the before and due date in the packing of Dutch cheese. After that, you notice the smell of boerenkaas. If it is like sour milk, it goes really bad and damages you inside. It is harmful to your immune system.

Secondly, if you notice any spot or mould part in semi-hard cheese, you can cut the spotted area and eat the rest of the part.

Another sign is your cheese has gone bad is the taste is like spoiled milk. If the small bite of Dutch cheese makes your tongue prickle, it is mean the cheese goes bad and its texture is changed, and it turns yellowish coloured.