Does Blackstrap Molasses Go Bad

Does Blackstrap Molasses Go Bad?

Blackstrap Molasses is a dark viscous liquid generated from sugar cane. The process of making blackstrap molasses is that sugar cane is mashed to create juice, it is then boiled once to create can syrup and then after the second boiling a molasses is created. After the third boiling, a blackstrap molasses is created.

It has the lowest sugar as compared to the other sugar can products. It is rich in minerals and vitamins such as iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, selenium. It is a very rich source of several minerals.

It can be used in grilling, baking, cooking, and added to sauces. We know that it is used for several food products we eat, and so this question arises in our minds: does it go bad? Yes, the Blackstrap molasses can go bad, too, like other food ingredients. It tastes like honey if it is not stored properly; obviously, it can easily go bad.

How to store Blackstrap Molasses?

During the storage of the blackstrap molasses, it is important to learn how you would store it to be used later after a long time. If we can store the molasses, ideally, there is no chance of spoilage. Let’s know about the storage steps for the molasses to be used later in the article below.

In the pantry

To store the blackstrap molasses in the pantry, use the original packaging. Just place the product in the darkest, coolest spot in the pantry. Please keep it away from the sources of heat and humidity. The life of blackstrap molasses can be extended if it is placed at a stable temperature and can be used later to enjoy your meal.

In the refrigerator

Blackstrap molasses can be refrigerated, but its viscosity will be thickened. It can be stored in its original packaging. Obviously, if we store molasses in the refrigerator, cold and cold molasses are hard to be poured, so you have to warm the bottle a little bit before use by putting it in the warm water for some time.

To store the blackstrap molasses in the refrigerator, make sure that its bottle lid is sealed tight that no air can get inside the container so that the molasses can not be in touch with the moisture so it will be safe and can be used after a long time.

Away from sunlight

As sunlight is the main source of heat and heat is also one reason for getting molasses bad so be sure that the bottle of the molasses is placed in a cool and dry place.

Can you freeze blackstrap molasses?

Yes, blackstrap molasses can be stored in a freezer because any food can be frozen. The freezing method can affect the viscosity of the molasses. If you want to freeze the molasses in the freezer, you have to transfer it to an airtight lid container so that the moisture cannot enter the container. Just airtight the container and also write the storage date before storing it in the freezer.

It is not a good method to store molasses in the freezer because when it is thawed, it can surely become grainy and crystal-like honey, so the best way to store the molasses is to store it in the pantry or kitchen in a dark, cool place.

How long does blackstrap molasses last?

The lifetime of blackstrap molasses depends upon the condition that how it is stored, and when. If it is unopened, it can be stored for about two years in the pantry or any cool place and where the temperature is stable.

If it is opened, it can be stored for up to 1 year in the pantry if stored properly. When you store the molasses, make sure that its lid is air tightened if it is not, it can go bad very quickly due to the moisture and humidity.

Of course, many of the bottles come with a best by date, but it is actually about how long the molasses will have their best quality. It can be consumed and will be at its best quality after months of the best by date on the bottle label.

How to tell if blackstrap molasses is bad?

Like every food, molasses can also go bad and is spoiled; before using the molasses, make sure that it has no signs of spoilage. Let’s know below that how you can know that the molasses has gone bad.

The signs that can tell us about molasses’ spoilage include spots of mold, unpleasant smell, or altered taste. You have to watch out for the signs of mold, especially because they are really tiny once they start.

The taste can also tell us that if the molasses can be used further or not, and if you are not sure about the molasses’ taste, open a new bottle of the molasses and taste; you will know if the molasses can be used further or not.

If you notice anything about the wrong molasse, get rid of it and don’t use it further. Humans are good at spotting food that is unsafe to eat.