Do Black Mulberries Go Bad

Does Black Mulberry Go Bad?

Black mulberry, very similar to blackberries, is a small snack fruit that you can eat anywhere, anytime if you have an excess to them. This small black fruit is a treat to consume. Black mulberries are big and very juicy as compared to other types of mulberries.

Black mulberries are absolutely beautiful, tangy-sweet fruit that is loved and adored by everyone. They are not extremely sweet but have a lovely little element of sourness that just lifts their flavor.

Mulberries have a short season and time span of usability, so snatch them immediately when you see them in the shops. They go bad very quickly even if you store them properly. So, eat them right away after you buy them.

How to store Black Mulberry?

As the shelf life of mulberries is very short, people just grab the bulk of mulberries when the fruit is in season. If they are not stored properly, they won’t stay good even for a day, and you would definitely don’t want this to happen.

You will get to know all information about black mulberries in this article. Follow the apt measure to store black mulberries:

In the Fruit basket

If you are sure that you would be able to consume your freshly bought black mulberries within some hours, you can store them at room temperature. The mulberries will not go bad at room temperature for some hours. Only if the fruit interacts with some unfavorable conditions, they may go bad.

The unfavorable conditions are moisture or wet things. Black mulberries may go bad if they interact with these things because moisture makes the mold grow on the fruit.

Store the fruit without a Wash

Make sure wherever you store the mulberry, you store them without washing. Always wash the fruit just before eating them. Water can make them go bad really fast. So, store the fruit without washing.

Away from Sunlight

Make sure that the black mulberries are stored away from sunlight. Sunlight and all other heat sources can make your fruit go bad. So, avoid the fruit from such sources.

In the Refrigerator

The best place to store the black mulberries in the refrigerator. The refrigerator extends the shelf life of the fruit to some extent. So, you can enjoy your yummy refrigerated mulberries for longer.

Make sure to place the mulberries away from all other things such as strong-flavored dishes etc. Also, keep the mulberries in a separate container or tray. Keep them air-tighten. Exposure of the mulberries to the air can make them bad too.

Can you freeze Black Mulberry?

If you have bought a lot of mulberries to enjoy in the off-season too, you can keep them in the freezer. The black mulberries will stay good for months in frozen form. But they wouldn’t be in a state of eating fresh. You cannot eat them in raw form but in dishes like jams, pies, tarts, or syrups.

First of all, wash the black mulberries and then dry them completely. You can then place them in the freezer by putting the fruit in an air-tight container or freezer bags.

How long does the Black Mulberry last?

The shelf life of the black mulberries is very short. If not frozen, they will not last for more than 4 to 5 days. People usually buy this fruit in bulk because of its short season, but they do not store them properly. As a result, they go bad because they do not retain freshness if kept at room temperature.

If the black mulberries are kept at room temperature with all the precautions, they will last a maximum of 8 to 9 hours. After that, they may become soggy and bad. On the other hand, refrigerated black mulberries have an extended shelf life. The mulberries in the fridge will last for 4 to 5 days without going bad.

In contrast, frozen black mulberries last longer than all. You will be able to get the maximum from the frozen mulberries. They will, as a minimum, last for 5 to 6 months without going bad.

How to tell if Black Mulberry is Bad?

It becomes quite visible when the black mulberries go bad. This is because the texture and appearance of the black mulberries change completely. You should know the sign of bad mulberries because bad black mulberries might poison your stomach.

Bad and rotten black mulberries show the following signs:

  • If the black mulberries smell other than citrusy, then they are probably bad. Any unusual smell from the fruit is an indication of rotten food.
  • If the fruit turns extra black or you see any discoloration, toss it out in that case.
  • You should not consume mushy and soggy black mulberries because they are not good to consume.
  • Last, if the black mulberries’ taste is other than usual, do not use them and discard them immediately.