Does Black Lime (loomi) Go Bad Go Bad

Does Black Lime (Loomi) Go Bad?

Black limes are generally dried limes. These limes are prepared by boiling fresh limes at high temperature. Then the boiled limes are kept under the sunlight, and they are dried completely. This is how dried limes or black limes are prepared.

Black limes have no water content. They are used as a spice by making a powder of them. The flavor of black limes is more severe than that of fresh limes. A small pinch of black limes can make the taste of your dish change. It gives a unique citrusy taste to your dishes.

Black limes can go bad under unfavorable conditions only. If they are in powdered form and are used as a spice, then they last very long. Only you have to store them properly to get the maximum from the spice. If you want to know all about black limes, read the following article.

How to Store Black Lime?

Storing black limes is not a tough thing. You can easily store them at room temperature. Fresh limes go bad at room temperature. Black limes have zero water content in them. Due to this factor, they last very long, even at room temperature.

You can store black limes at the following places:

In a Cool and Dry place

If you have your black lime in powdered form, it is essential to keep your spice in a cool and dry place. This will keep your spice good and unspoiled. As long as the powdered black limes are away from moisture and humidity, they will remain good for months.

Moisture is harmful to all types of food products, especially powdered forms. The powdered spice goes clumpy and moldy if interacted with moisture. So, make sure to keep your product away from these things.

In Glass or Plastic jars

Make sure to store your black limes in plastic or glass jars. The jars should be air-tight whether you have to store powdered or raw black limes. Air exposure makes the food products catch mold quickly. So, make sure that there is no way for air to enter the jars you use.

In the Refrigerator

You can store your raw black limes in the refrigerator. The refrigerator will keep the limes stay good and healthy to consume. Make sure that the limes are sealed in air-tight containers. Also, place your limes away from other food products having strong odors. Otherwise, the limes may catch their flavors. In this way, they will be ruined.

Can we Freeze Black Lime?

If you have a powdered form of black limes and are using it as a spice, you should never freeze them. Freezing the powdered black lime will destroy its texture and flavor. Also, it would be difficult to use it. So, do not freeze the powdered black limes. Similarly, the shelf life of the spice is quite long, so there is no need to freeze it.

On the other hand, if you have raw black limes, you can go for freezing them. Although the shelf life of raw black limes is also very long, there is no harm in freezing them. Make sure to put them in freezer bags before putting them in the freezer.

How long does Black Lime last?

The shelf life of both powdered and raw black limes is quite long. You will enjoy the maximum from the limes if you store them perfectly. There should be no moisture and humidity near the spice; otherwise, they may go bad.

Raw, i.e., whole black limes, can stay good for 9 to 10 months. If they are placed away from unfavorable conditions, they will be perfectly fine to consume even after a year. If you have store-bought black limes, you can even use them after their best by date if they are stored properly and unopened.

When it comes to powdered black limes, they also have fairly a long shelf life. They also last for about a year if they are stored in a cool and dry place.

How to tell if Black Lime is Bad?

Black limes rarely go bad. They have very long. Their zero water-content makes them stay long for a long period. But in certain conditions, they can go bad, i.e., if they have interacted with moisture and stuff. You will see the following signs in bad powdered or whole limes:

  • If you see any kind of mold on the limes, they have turned bad. Mold destroys food products completely, so discard the limes immediately.
  • If the powdered form of the black limes turns mushy or soggy, discard the spice right away.
  • If you feel like the taste is no longer good, like fresh black limes, then toss them away. They may have turned bad.
  • Also, if the black limes are soft, do not use them. Remember, the texture of black limes is extremely hard.