Do Blackcurrants Go Bad

Does Black Currant Go Bad?

Black currant is relating to ribes berry. They are also known as cassis. They were once known as the forbidden fruit in the United States of America. They believed that they aid a fungus to spread that killed trees of pine.

Because of this belief, these nutritious berries were missed out by many Americans. It has a tart flavor. And due to its tartness, it is meant to mix itself with fruits when it comes to jams. The whole plant, from leaves to its seeds, is useful to us in many conditions.

It contains vitamin C and anthocyanin. It has many antioxidants too, which helps us to enjoy great immunity. Yes, they do turn bad also. Black currants don’t have a long shelf life.

How to store black currants?

Black currants have much to offer for your health. You must be worried about storing them. We are glad to find you here for that purpose. If you need to know how to keep black currants after picking them, follow the steps mentioned below.

Use Air-tight jars

After picking the black currants, the next step has to be storing them in air-tight containers. Air-tight jars would keep it good for a long time. Make sure the pot is tightly sealed.

Aromatic black currants are at their best in midsummer. Right after picking them, you should shift them in jars that are sealed tightly to avoid spoilage.

Keep at Cool temperature

All currants pretty much need the same storage conditions. Currants require a cool temperature for staying good for a long time. It means we must store our black currants in a cool environment.

After picking them in air-tight containers, the next step is to keep them in cool areas. You should keep currants away from warm places. Your pantry temperature can also work with it. In case you want to keep them for long, then keeping them in the pantry isn’t fair.

Refrigerate it

We have mentioned previously in this article that we have to store them at a cool temperature. For that, all you have to do is put these currants in air-tight jars and keep them in the fridge. Pantry, too, works, but if you have decided to keep them stored for a short time.

Refrigeration is the best option. When you know you can consume black currants within a few days, keeping them in the pantry would work, but if you can’t, they need to be refrigerated. When these currants are cooled properly and later then refrigerated, they last for up to two weeks.

Can we freeze black currants?

When frozen, black currants tend to hold their shelf life for ten to twelve months. The free freeze method proves to be excellent for storing it for a long period. They are perfect for cooking and freezing. Wash the black currants and put them directly into freezer bags.

Put the freezer bags then in your freezer for freezing these currants. It will help if you keep in mind that they need to be freeze in serving-sized portions. The open freezing method is mostly recommended.

All you need is to spread black currants in a non-stick tray and keep them in the freezer for a couple of hours. When you feel them hard enough, transfer them to bags.

Label the tightly sealed bags and put them in the freezer again. They will thaw out in the much better condition.

How long does black currant last?

Black currants have a shelf life of two weeks maximum. When black currants are properly stored, they can last for even months. If you don’t want it to go off soon, you have to provide good storage. We all need to enhance the shelf life of the black currants we picked.

The techniques and methods already discussed in this article tend to be the best ways for increasing their shelf life. In the pantry, these currants are good for few days. You better consume them in few days if stored in a pantry.

Refrigeration can take a few weeks of shelf life of this currant to a maximum of some months. Refrigeration is required for extending its shelf life where the freezer is fairly enough for keeping them best for ten to twelve months.

Freezing black currants to save them for seasons is much recommended. You can relish the delightful taste of black currants even after long-term storage if you freeze them.

How to tell if black currants are bad?

People out here are always concerned about their health. We never risk our health at any cost. This thought takes us to care about what we eat. Nobody wants to fall ill by eating something they shouldn’t.

Let’s talk about signs black currant show to indicate for its spoilage.

  • Any fungal growth on the black currant indicates its spoilage. Black currants must be trash if you observe mold or fungal growth on their surface.
  • If it tastes off, then we must toss black currants. When they turn bad, it is quite common they taste off too.
  • If black currant smells like it has turned bad, it is not good to consume it.