Does Black Cumin Go Bad

Does Black Cumin Go Bad?

Black cumin seeds are a favourite spice in the Asian continent. It is also used around the world to enhance the flavour and aroma of food. The black cumin seeds are a little costly but provide you with a punch of flavour.

The black cumin seeds are blessed with a good shelf life and do not go bad soon. You can use them for years once you buy them. You will have to keep a check on their fragrance which is suppressed over time.

How to store your black cumin?

The black cumin is a strong spice that enhances the aroma of the dishes. The black cumin is a little expensive spice. It has a good shelf life and will not go bad even if it takes three to four years. As we all know, shelf life depends on its nature and largely depends on the storage conditions.

The black cumin will not go bad, but it will lose its aroma. It will not be much effective when you use it in your food dishes. You can store your black cumin seeds to preserve their aroma by following some small tips.

Keep away from sunlight

The black cumin seeds should be placed somewhere where there is no access to sunlight. It is better that you put black cumin in a dark place. The sunlight may reduce the effectiveness of the aroma. They can also attain a darker shade with time.

It would be best if you put your black cumin seeds in your pantry. The pantry can provide the optimal conditions for it.

Put it away from moisture sources

The moisture is not a good friend for your food items. Likewise, black cumin should also be kept away from water sources. If your black cumin absorbs moisture from the environment due to some reasons, it can lose its flavour.

You will have to use a double quantity of black cumin to attain the desired flavour. You can preserve the flavour timely if you roast your moist black cumin seeds. If the moisture content stays for long, the aroma of black cumin can not be restored.

Refrigerate your black cumin seeds

If you are going through days when you do not feel like enjoying black cumin seeds in your food, you can place them in the refrigerator. There will be no harm to black cumin seeds’ aroma. The refrigerator preserves everything if it is stored properly.

You will require an airtight box or a ziplock pouch to store your black cumin seeds. The aroma of black seeds can be infused with the odour of the food present around. That is why you need to have it separated.

Can you freeze your black cumin seeds?

If you want to keep anything in your freezer, you should not hesitate by doing so. Your freezer is the ultimate preserver for your food items. You can freeze your black cumin seeds. Although they offer you a prolonged shelf life and there is no need to do so.

But there are no restrictions. You can keep them in the freezer. The only thing you will have to ensure is that they do not undergo freeze burn. You can keep them in a vacuum seal bag. You can also put some black cumin seeds in ice cube trays and cover them with olive oil or coconut oil and freeze them.

How long do black cumin seeds last?

Technically, you will not have to ever worry about the expiry of your black cumin seeds. The spices have an extended lifetime and do not go bad soon. The only problem you face with them is that their intensity is reduced. They do not satisfy you with their flavour anymore.

The black cumin seeds can be store for around three to four years on your shelf. Their aroma can be reduced in a year if they are kept in a warm and moist place. If you refrigerate them, their fragrance could sustain for three to four years. You can store your black cumin seeds for an indefinite time and preserve their freshness by freezing them.

How to tell if black cumin is bad?

As it is discussed above that, there are very few chances of black cumin seeds going bad. Only its smell deteriorates. You can check it by rubbing the black cumin in your hands. If it is good to be used, you will get the aroma.

There are still chances of black cumin going bad, and you can identify it if you know some basic points regarding it.

  • If your black cumin seeds have gone bad, you will notice that the colour has switched to a darker side.
  • There could be mould and bacterial growth on your black cumin seeds.
  • If they absorb moisture, they could clump up at first, but they can still be used.
  • They could become powdery over time which makes them unsuitable to be used.