Do Black Cherries Go Bad

Does Black Cherry Go Bad?

Black cherry is closely related to chokecherry, and chokecherry tends to have less glossy and smaller leaves. Black cherry is commonly called wild black cherry, mountain cherry and rum cherry. Black cherry is not related to cultivated cherries like sweet cherries.

Cherry is a popular fruit because of its sweet taste and ease of preparations. You might be wondering does cherry go bad? Well, the accurate answer to that question base on a large extent on storage way.

Yes, black cherry can go bad if not stored under the care and proper methods. It is vital to keep them properly to maximize their shelf life. Black cherry has a shelf life of five to seven days.

How to store black cherry?

When it comes to storing, cherry needs to be stored properly for a better and healthy shelf life experience. To extend the shelf life of cherry do not wash them until you are ready to consume them. Following are some tips to follow to preserve cherry.

Store at cool temperature

It is good to keep cherries like wild black cherry at a cool temperature. They must be left out if you are sure you can consume them within the same day you brought them. Cherries do not ripen after being picked and are highly perishable.

Cherries required a cool environment to last for a longer period. Better storage condition gives you a better shelf life of cherries. If you are keeping them on the countertop, make sure no heat source or sunlight reaches there. Due to much heat bearing, this food can cause it to spoil.

Store in Plastic bag

Put the black cherries in a plastic bag, and you are good to go with the refrigeration option. Cherries sit great in these plastic bags when it comes to refrigeration, so refrigerate your cherry in plastic bags. Plastic bags keep the cherries away from mould formation or any other organic growth in it.

Refrigerate it

Longer storage for these cherries calls for refrigerating them. It is recommended keeping the cherries in your fridge unless you have planned to eat them by the same date. These tart and sweet fruits do not rot quite quickly but are not sure when they do last.

We know that the best way to preserve such cherry is to store it at a cool temperature which means refrigeration is good. Cherries stay for a longer time if they are refrigerated in plastic bags. If properly stored, black cherries will last for about 4 to ten days in your fridge. To keep black cherry fresh, you should go for the refrigeration option.

Can we freeze black cherry?

A freezer is highly recommended for the long term preservation of your black cherries. Freezer time is for the best quality only. Cherries that are kept frozen have an indefinite shelf life. Yes, freezing cherries is a great idea to enhance their shelf life.

First, wash the cherries properly, add three to four sugar cups to each quart of your cherries and continuously stir it unless all sugar is completely dissolved. Please place it in a heavy-duty freezer bag or tightly closed container.

In the freezer, these cherries last for approximately 10 to 12 months. This period which is mentioned in this article is just an educated estimate for the best quality. If you want to keep this fruit for a longer time, consider freezing it in plastic or airtight bags. If you need to store cherries for much time, you can also make jam or jelly or freeze them.

How long does black cherry last?

Black cherry lasts good for almost four to ten days, but the thing to keep in mind is that the way it is stored plays a significant role in boosting the shelf life of black cherry. Like all the other foods, black cherry also demands proper storage methods and techniques.

If not stored with care, the same cherry that takes four to ten days to rot would turn bad more easily within four to five days. Of course, no one wants their cherries to turn bad. We have also shared some tips in the article previously, which would extend its shelf life.

Under great care of storing cherries, to prevent their spoilage, your cherries last for a fairly good period. Cherries are ripe and ready for consumption. When you bring them home, you can keep them either in a refrigerator or countertop.

How to tell if a black cherry is bad?

Take care of the signs mentioned down here before consuming black cherry. Following are some common signs of any cherry that is rot.

  • Examine the cherry carefully before you eat it. If you see any black spot or mould, discard it else, it’s good to go. Cherries usually rot from the stem, so that’s the first place to check on.
  • Suppose your cherry feels shrivelled or mushy. Its time to discard it. Cherries are quite firm to touch, and some varieties of cherries are softer, so make sure you are dealing with what.
  • If you feel like something is off with the cherries, we will go with the gut, and it’s better to get rid of it. Check for the white worms in cherries. Toss the cherries out unless you like to consume some extra protein with cherries.