Do Black Apples Go Bad

Does Black Apple Go Bad?

Black apple or black diamond apple is a rare breed of apples. They are sold in the market at high rates because you cannot plant them everywhere. Black apple most likely to survive in the highlands of the Tibet region in china. For this reason, black apple is also called Chinese red delicious.

Its color is purple hue. Due to higher glucose content, black apples tend to be sweeter than the common apples we eat. Black apple is rich in vitamin A and has many health benefits. Yes, black apples turn bad the way same as the usual apples we consume. You must continue reading the article to know more about these interesting and unique black apples.

How to store black apple?

Storing apples don’t require much effort. You have to preserve black apples the same way you preserve other common apples. Nothing tastes delicious better than the flavor and crunch of a recently-picked apple. If you want to store black apple for a long period retaining good quality, follow the tips demonstrated in this article below. The environment plays a vital role in keeping the health of fruit long-lasting.

Avoid heat

Any fruit, whether peaches, pear, bananas, or apples, cannot bear much heat. Heat proves to be a disturbing factor to fruit’s health. Similarly, you should keep a black apple away from heat and excessive sunlight. If you brought the box of black apples and were concerned about proper storage, you have to keep them in the dark and cool places.

Your pantry, basement, or your garage can work. Ensure that the temperature lies cool in the places you decide to put your box of black apples. Avoid keeping black apples near heat sources. You should provide a cool environment for black apples to extend their shelf life.

Away from excessive moisture

Excessive moisture leads to the formation of mold on fruits. Place your apples in dark and dry places to increase the life of black apples. If you store your black apples properly, you can enjoy the same crisp and flavor of recently picked black apples. Make sure your apples are stored in cool places and not exposed to excessive moisture. Where cool and humid spots are good for black apples.

Refrigerate it

Cool temperature is ideal for storing black apples. You can place your black apples in the crisper drawer of your fridge. Please do not keep the apples near other vegetables as apples tend to release ethylene gas, which increases the decaying of its surrounding fruits and vegetables. It is better to store black apples at places where the temperature is close to freezing but not below that. Refrigerating black apples is recommended.

Can we freeze black apple?

Yes, if you own a large surplus of black apples, you can always freeze them. However, keep in mind that once frozen, then apples are preferred for baking purposes or making smoothies than consuming raw.

Peel the apple and slice them the way you like. Let them soak in a lemon juice bath for five minutes, and then let them stay on a baking sheet and freeze the apples for at least four hours. After that, shift them to a freezer bag and remove the air. Now put the freezer bags in the freezer and freeze your apples for a long time.

How long does black apple last?

Black apples tend to stay good for months. It essentially requires and proper storage method to enhance its shelf life. If you keep the black apples in favorable condition by implementing precise storage techniques, your apples will last longer.

Refrigeration proves to be ideal for keeping your black apples well even after months. Black apple retains its quality for up to months when stored in the fridge. You can keep them in cool spots for about months, wherein the refrigerator stays fine for a maximum of eight months.

Frozen black apples stay well for a year. This article has made things very easy for you! It has provided you with all the helpful and necessary information about the storage of black apples. Store the black apples precisely way and enjoy their long-lasting crispiness and flavor. The shelf life depends on the conditions in which your fruit is stored.

How to tell if black apple is bad?

Although black apples have a fairly long shelf life, the odds for the early spoilage can occur too. Always keep a check on your apples and quickly discard any rotten one if you see. Here are some signs mentioned below to tell you when to say goodbye to the bad apple.

  • Wrinkled skin and bruising on the surface of the apple is never a healthy sign. You should toss an apple having a wrinkled or bruised surface.
  • Mushy texture, bad taste, or liquid leaking from your apples indicates that it has gone bad, and you must not consume an apple like that.