Does Bitter Melon Go Bad

Does Bitter Melon Go Bad?

Bitter melon, also called as bitter gourd, is a cucumber-like vegetable with bumps on its surface. It is a bright green-colored bitter vegetable. It is a very popular edible vegetable in most Asian countries. Also, it is a highly nutritious vegetable with a lot of content of vitamin C. Although bitter melon has a bitter taste, it will really freshen your health by virtue of its health benefits.

As bitter melon is a fresh vegetable, it does go bad. Storing the vegetable properly will extend its shelf life for a maximum of two weeks. But for the safe side, use your bitter melons within 7 to 8 days. If you want to know more about bitter gourd, read this article thoroughly.

How to store Bitter Melon?

Storing methods for all the vegetables are almost the same. All you have to do is to take some precautions before storing the vegetable. The shelf life of bitter melon is short, but you can extend it somehow just by storing it with better safeguards. If you have bought bitter melon in bulk and you wish to enjoy them for a long period, then follow apt methods to store it.

In a Cool and Dry place

You must store your fresh and crispy bitter melons in a cool and dry place. This will make the bitter melons stay good for a long time, and they will retain freshness. Moisture can make the vegetable go bad very fast. The vegetables may catch mold and bacteria. So, try to avoid keeping your bitter melon away from moisture and wet things.

In the Refrigerator

The ideal place to store bitter melon is the refrigerator. You can store either whole or chopped bitter melon in the fridge. You have to store the vegetable in an air-tight jar or plastic bags with proper vents. Also, you can keep the bitter melon in the refrigerator bins.

Ensure no sensitive food is present near the bitter melon because this may change your dish’s flavor as bitter melon has a strong odor. Remember, do not store the vegetable in the refrigerator after washing. Either wash the vegetables just before using them or dry them completely before storing them.

Away from Sunlight

Make sure to keep your bitter melon where there is no excess for sunlight to reach. The sunlight or any heat source can make the vegetable go soggy and bad. Also, the bitter melon will lose its crispness and flavor because of sunlight or heat sources. So, if you want to enjoy your vegetable, then keep them in a shady and dark place. The darker the place is, the better it is for the vegetable.

Can you freeze Bitter Melon?

Freezing bitter melon is not a very good idea. Freezing will change the texture of the vegetable. And it would be difficult to use frozen bitter melon. Thawing the vegetable will ruin it completely. So, avoid freezing the vegetable.

But if you want to use the vegetable for longer use, you can freeze it after sautéing the vegetable. After that, you can keep the bitter melon in the freezer by putting it in any air-tight freezer bag.

How long does Bitter Melon Last?

The shelf life of fresh bitter melon is not very long. But if they are stored properly, they will definitely last for some more days than expected. So, store your vegies properly to get maximum from them. The bitter melon kept at room temperature with all precautions will last a maximum of 3 to 4 days. After that, they will go bad and soggy.

On the other, hand refrigerated bitter melon will last for 7 to 8 days inside the fridge if they are stored properly. In contrast, frozen and sautéed bitter melon will last for 2 to 3 months inside the freezer.

How to tell if Bitter Melon is Bad?

If the bitter melon goes bad, it becomes quite obvious and prominent because the texture totally changes. You should keep checking the refrigerated and frozen bitter melon to know if you can use them anymore or not. There are a lot of means through which we can see if the bitter melon is bad. The signs and symptoms are as follows.

  • Any discoloration on the bitter melons is an indication of rotten vegetables. Discard them immediately.
  • If you see any sign of mold, then stop using the product because it has turned bad. Mold is not good for a person’s health.
  • A decrease in the crispiness of the vegetable is a sign of bad and rotten bitter melon. You should not use it either.
  • If you feel that the smell of the bitter melon has turned gross, do not use it anymore.
  • Next comes the taste; a change in the taste of the bitter melon is also a sign of a rotten vegetable. Toss them out right away.