Does Bitterleaf Go Bad

Does Bitter Leaf Go Bad?

The simple answer is yes, bitter leaf goes bad. This leaf has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Though it is a leaf and has a very bitter taste, individuals cannot withstand it. It is a fresh leaf; you need to take proper precautionary measures to store it. Proper storage, if not provided it will not go well.

The leaf will dry out very quickly. And if the leaf will dry out, it will slowly lose the immense properties it possesses. If you provide bitter leaf with proper care, it can last you longer than expected.

How to store bitter leaf?

Storing bitter leaf is not difficult at all. All you need to do is follow the methods that have been advised. Otherwise, the bitter leaf you bought will go to waste because its shelf-life depends on the storing procedure. There are few methods you can adopt for storing your bay leaf. And the bitter leaf will stay fresh. Following are the methods you need to follow.

Keep it in a cool place

For better results, you need to store your bitter leaf in a cool place. Anywhere the temperature is in minus. The cool temperature will help in keeping the leaf fresh and full of taste. It will not let the leaves dry out quickly. So, for that reason, it will not lose its essence. The strong aroma of the leaf will last at a cool temperature.

Keep it in the dark area

The bitter leaf shall be kept in the dark area. It will not dry out there. The moisture will be intact in the leaves. You can keep it at Room temperature as well. Keeping in mind the area shall be dark.

Place it away from heat

The bitter leaf shall not be exposed to sunlight. Any sources of sunlight are harmful to the leaf after leaves are plucked from the plants. The kitchen shelves or cabinets are not a good option to store your bitter leaves.

The taste will be gone if the leaves are exposed to heat or light. The potency of the leaves will deteriorate if you keep them at room temperature for a long. It is better to follow these instructions for storing the bitter leaves. The experts have suggested these methods. After many experiments, you can know which methods you can use to store the leaves.

Can you freeze bitter leaf?

A straightforward answer is yes, and you can freeze the bitter leaf, nevertheless following the recommended steps. Take a small bunch of leaves. Clean it thoroughly. Dry the leaves. Keeping in mind it shall not be wet. As quickly as possible, freeze them. It will stay there fresh for long.

Suppose you want to make smoothie put the leaves directly into the blender. You do not need to defrost it. And the same goes for when you want to add it to a dish.  You shall keep the leaves in a freezer bag or a tight container.

How long does bitter leaf last?

The bitter leaf can go bad quickly, and contrary to that, it can have a little long shelf-life. But the key to a little longer shelf-life is how you take care of it.  There are few ways mentioned earlier that you can use to make the bitter leaves last longer. Keeping it in the freezer is more appropriate for making it last a bit too long.

If you keep it in the fridge, it will last you only a few days, most probably 7 to 8 days. But keeping it in the freezer will make it last more than a month. The lasting period of leaves in the freezer may be up to three months.  Even in the freezer, it shall be kept in a zip-lock bag. And if you keep it at a cool temperature outside the fridge or freezer, the lasting time will be short up to three to four days.

How to tell if the bitter leaf is bad?

There are plenty of ways through which you can know if the bitter leaf has gone awful. But for that, you need to be very considerate. You shall keep checking the leaves from time to time to know if you can use them or not.  The experts told certain ways to follow to keep the leaves fresh and full of odor. Below are those ways you can recognize;

  • The bitter leaves will lose their vigor with time when it is turning bad. After you find out, you shall not further use it because it will not give you the same health benefits. The way it would give you when it is fresh.
  • If you keep it longer in the freezer, even it will turn black, that’s another way of showing you that the bitter leaves have gone awful. And you shall discard the leave. Or else it can be harmful to health.