Does Bilimbi Go Bad

Does Bilimbi Go Bad?

Bilimbis are Malaysian, Indonesian, and Hawaiian fruit. It is sour in taste and crunchy in texture. It has lots of health benefits and serves great for medicinal purposes. They can prevent and treat cardiac and liver ailments. It is also eaten as a snack or cooked in curries.

The bilimbis do not offer you long shelf life. You need to know some simple tricks that will aid you in their storage. If you want to know about the shelf life and proper storage of bilimbis, you have come to the right place. This article will remove all your concerns regarding bilimbis.

How to store your bilimbi?

Bilimbi is a fruit that holds physical properties just like a cucumber. It is fresh, juicy, and bears a sour taste. It can be eaten raw as people enjoy its sour flavor during snack time. It can also be processed into pickles, relish, and different chutneys.

Some people add it to their curries to give their dishes a sour enhancement. You can store your bilimbi by using the following techniques.

Keep it away from sunlight

As you know that bilimbi is full of juice, and it has a crunchy texture. It has a soft outer covering. It can easily undergo dehydration. If the bilimbis are kept under direct sunlight, they will lose their moisture and become wrinkly on the outside.

It will lose its crunch. If it is kept for long under the sunlight, there could be a growth of molds over it. Heat is a facilitator in the development of molds. Therefore, you will have to keep your bilimbis away from the sunlight.

Do not leave your cut bilimbis open

There might be chances that you consume only a part of your bilimbi. You want to store your bilimbis for later. What you should do is to cover them. The bilimbis are sour thus contain different acids in them. The acids can react with oxygen, and that can alter their chemical composition.

When you have cut half of your bilimbi, you can cover the cut end with a cling film. You can also store the cut bilimbis in an airtight container to prevent oxidation.

Place your bilimbis in the refrigerator

The perfect place to store your bilimbis is your refrigerator. The refrigerator helps you to sustain the moisture and crunch of the bilimbis for an extended time. There is less chance of mold and bacterial growth in the fridge. The cooler and moisture-free environment helps the bilimbis to stay fresh.

You can refrigerate whole bilimbi fruit, or you can cut them into pieces and refrigerate them. The cut bilimbis might offer you’re a shorter life span.

Can you freeze your bilimbis?

The freezing of bilimbis depends on where you have to use it. If you have to use your bilimbis for curries or lemonades in the future, you can freeze them. If you intend to consume your bilimbis raw, you should not be freezing them for this purpose.

The bilimbis can become a little mushy upon thawing, which might not give you a good texture while eating. However, there is no alteration in its flavor but the consistency. The shelf life of the frozen bilimbis is increased. You can directly put your frozen bilimbis in your curry pot or the blender to use them.

How long does bilimbi last?

Bilimbis usually do not have an extensive shelf life. If you want to enjoy their crunch while eating, you will have to consume it within a week if they are store on the shelf. They can retain their crispiness for up to two weeks in the fridge. It does not imply that they will go bad if they lose their crunch. They will take a further week to spoil.

There will be spotting on them that will tell you that they have gone bad. The frozen bilimbis indefinitely last if they are not thawed repeatedly. You can store bilimbis for up to a year in the freezer. To avoid its rethawing, you can freeze them in small portions.

How to tell if bilimbis are bad?

The bilimbis can go bad like any other food item. It offers a shelf life of about one to two weeks, depending on the storage conditions it is provided. It is better to finish it within two weeks. If you can not finish it within a week or two, you should look for some signs to tell if it is good to go or not.

Bad bilimbis exhibit the following signs.

  • There will be discoloration on the bilimbis. You could easily identify black or grey spots on them. If they turn yellow from green, it does not mean that they have gone bad.
  • They will have a different stinky smell as compared to fresh bilimbis.
  • The molds and bacteria would have grown on the bad bilimbis.
  • You can also notice a thick gelatinous fluid release from them upon cutting.