Do Bilberries Go Bad

Does Bilberry Go Bad?

Bilberries, also known as European blueberries, are highly nutritious fruit. This small, bright blue colored fruit snack is a treat to consume. The taste is just on point: a little sourly and a little sweet. You would love to eat it again after once.

Bilberries are very much similar to blueberries. The only difference between blueberries and bilberries is the size. That’s why they are also known as European blueberries.

Bilberries can also go bad like all other fruits. Only storing them properly can extend their lifespan. But if they meet any unfavorable conditions, they go bad immediately.

How to Store Bilberry?

Bilberries are the best fruit of spring and summer. People love to eat cold bilberries as a snack in these seasons. As spring is almost there, you must have bought many packets of bilberries. Now you would be confused that how to store them properly.

Don’t worry because you are in the right place. You will get all the information about shelf life and storage methods of bilberries here, so read on. You can take apt methods to store bilberries.

Store at Room Temperature

If you are sure that you will eat your bilberries within a day, you can keep them at room temperature. The bilberries will remain perfectly fine if they are in a cool and dry place.

Make sure that no moisture interacts with them. Due to moisture, mold appears quickly on the fruit. Also, put the berries in an air-tight container.

Away from Sunlight

Sunlight is not very good for food products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruits go bad fast if they experience direct sunlight or any heat source. So, make sure that your yummy bilberries are kept away from all heat sources.

Away from already Bad Pieces of Bilberries

We know that bad pieces of fruit make the whole bunch of fruit go bad, and you would not want this to happen. So, the first thing to do with your freshly bought berries is to check them thoroughly.

If you see any mushy or soft pieces of small berries among them, discard them immediately. After that, the bilberries are ready to be stored.

Store in the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is indeed the best place to store fresh bilberries for long-term use. The bilberries remain good for weeks in the fridge. They won’t go bad unless they meet moisture or any other unfavorable condition.

Do not forget to pack your bilberries in an air-tight jar or container tightly. You can also use any refrigerator bags or plastic bags with vents to store the bilberries. This is to prevent the berries from the air. The air exposure makes the bilberries go hard. They do not remain fresh if they are exposed to air. So, try to protect the berries from the air too.

Can we Freeze Bilberries?

Freezing bilberries is absolutely a good idea. Frozen bilberries can last for months without going bad. You will not be able to eat them fresh. Only you can make smoothies, juice, jam, and stuff like that of frozen bilberries.

First, you have to discard the rotten and spoiled pieces of bilberries from the bunch. Next, wash them thoroughly. Then let the bilberries dry completely. After all this procedure, the bilberries are ready to go in the freezer. You can use either air-tight containers or freezer bags with proper vents to freeze the bilberries. And then enjoy the berries whenever you want to.

How long does the Bilberries Last?

The shelf life of freshly bought bilberries is relatively short as compared to frozen bilberries. But if the fresh berries are correctly stored, their shelf life will also extend up to a week. As you know, fresh fruits can barely stay good for 1 to 2 weeks. So, try eating them before this time period.

When it comes to fresh bilberries stored at room temperature, they last a maximum of 2 days if kept appropriately. On the other hand, refrigerated bilberries last for a week or two. This also depends on storage conditions.

In contrast, frozen bilberries stay good for an extended period. You can enjoy your frozen bilberries for 10 to 12 months.

How to tell if Bilberry is Bad?

If the bilberries turn bad, the texture and appearance of the berries completely change. It becomes quite visible when the berries turn bad. So, it is easy to find out whether your bilberries are bad or good.

If your bilberries are bad, they show the following indications:

  • If there is any mold on the bilberries, they are bad.
  • Any kind of discoloration, i.e., other than the bright blue color, results in bad bilberries.
  • If your bilberries are squishy and mushy, discard them because they have turned bad.
  • If you feel that the taste and smell are gross, stop using the berries right away.