Does Beer Go Bad?

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Just like many other organic foods, beer is also an organic product. Organic products do spoil after their date. There are chances to get bacteria and fungus to organic foods. Yes, a beer bottle can go bad if you put off the cock of beer or do not preserve it properly.

When the beer goes bad, you can see some difference in the beer. Moreover, the major difference in spoiled beer is that it will not produce the form as there is a formic texture of the fresh beer. Sometimes if you put the beer upright and in sunlight, then it can also cause discoloration.

How to Store Beer

Beer is a product that you can store easily. There are many ways to store beer. Some of them are as under.


The first way to store the beer is refrigerating. You can easily store beer by refrigerating. It is the best way to store the beer. The beer in the refrigerator can last for almost a year. This will keep the beer fresh, and through the refrigerator, the beer will get a suitable temperature.

Store in Dark Place

The next way to store the beer is to store it in the dark. The storage of beer in a dark place can help it to last long. Further, protecting the beer from sunlight and ultraviolet rays is essential. You should avoid any heat source away from the beer too.

Moreover, if you want to store the beer in the room, there should be a favorable room temperature. The best place in the house can be your basement area for storing beer.

Store Beer in Upright Form

Then the third common way to store the beer is to keep the beer in an upright position. Try to keep the beer bottles in the upright form in the refrigerator or the kitchen cabinet. This will help the beer bottle from having oxidization in it.

If you put a beer bottle in any other position instead of upright, it can cause oxidization. The oxidization further is not good for beer. Therefore, it is obvious that beer can get worse if you put it in an inappropriate position.

Can You Freeze the Beer

Like many other foods, you can put the beer in the freezer, but you cannot put it for a long time in a beer case. However, there is one important thing that you should keep in mind that you cannot put the beer in the freezer for a long time, just like other foods.

Beer is a product that contains such ingredients that do not allow it to freeze. If you want to make your warm beer a bit chill, then you can put the beer for a maximum of fifteen minutes in the freezer. However, you cannot store the beer in the freezer.

Moreover, you cannot even keep the beer in the freezer for more than 10-15minutes. In short, freezing the beer can get a mess and cushy. If you want your beer to get chill so just put it in the freezer for ten minutes. You can use ice cubes also.

How Long Does Beer Last

Beer is a product that can easily go bad if you do not follow proper cautions for preserving beer. Now talking about beer lasting so, no beer lasts forever. Every beer is just good before its expiry date. However, the expected lasting of beer is about six to seven months.

The only condition is that you should preserve it in a good manner for lasting the beer. If you refrigerate the beer, it can last quite long, but the opened beer will not last long. The open beer will change its taste, so; it is better to dispose of the beer if you feel any change in the taste.

Moreover, Sometimes the expiry date mentioned on the products is also not accurate. So, if you feel any change in beer, dispose of it because it can be dangerous to use such beer. That time do not bother about the expiry date.

How to tell if Beer Is Bad

The beer can get worse if you do not preserve it in a good manner. However, there are the following points through which you can get that your beer has gone bad. The following points are as under.

  • Discoloration: If you see any change in the beer color, then without thinking anything, you should dispose of it. The color change gives you a hint that your beer is now gone bad.
  • Change in Taste: Beer is a product that is having all in its taste. If you feel any change in beer, that means that beer is now not good to drink anymore. This probably happens when your beer expires.
  • Gone Flat Instead of Form: The beer mainly has a formic texture, but if your beer stays unopened or expired, then the beer will go flat and do not produce any form.