Does BBQ Sauce Go Bad?

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Barbeque sauce is the perfect partner for any meat. Barbeque sauces elevate the flavor of your meat. You can use your bbq sauce as a dip along with your burgers and other sides. Barbeque sauce has added preservatives to it. It does not spoil off easily.

It also offers a good shelf life for up to a year if stored under suitable conditions. If you are a huge fan of barbeque sauce and have bought a bulk of it, this is the right article for you. This article will guide you about storing your bbq sauce.

How to store your bbq sauce?

The bbq sauce is a bomb of flavors. It has different salts, sugars, and vinegar. They act as natural preservatives and do not allow the growth of bacteria and molds. The production companies further add other preservatives to extend their shelf life.

You can store your bbq sauce in a couple of ways so that it does not spoil quickly.

Place your bbq sauce in a cool and dry place.

The best way to store any of your food product is to keep them in a cool and dry place. When the bbq sauce interacts with any moisture, it may allow the growth of bacteria and molds. The heat from the sunlight intensifies the environment for bacterial growth, and the bbq sauce can spoil easily.

Refrigerate your bbq sauce once it is opened.

The sealed bbq sauce does not spoil quickly. You can put it anywhere in your cabinets. When you have opened your bbq jar, the best way to save it is by putting it into a refrigerator.

The low temperature of the fridge prevents the growth of bacteria and molds. You can keep your bbq sauce in your fridge for up to seven to eight months after the jar is opened.

Use a dry spoon for your bbq sauce.

It is advised to use a clean and dry spoon when you are scooping your bbq sauce out of the jar. The clean spoon does not contaminate your bbq sauce with any other substance and hence, prevents spoilage.

If you use a wet spoon for your bbq sauce, there are chances that it may go bad within two months. The moisture incorporates in your bbq sauce and starts molding in your bbq sauce.

Can you freeze your bbq sauce?

If you have a lot of bbq sauce and there is no way you will use it in a couple of months, it is better that your freeze your bbq sauce. The bbq sauce’s life span is increased up to a year without any alteration in its flavor.

The refrigerated BBQ sauce also does not spoil, but over time its flavor becomes less intense. It removes away the fun element from your food. So you should freeze your bbq sauce and use it as per requirement whenever you want.

There will be no fear of its taste getting changed. If you repeatedly thaw your bbq sauce, it would draw all the flavors away. It is better if you freeze your bbq sauce in small portions, so you get a proper amount when you use it.

How long does bbq sauce last?

A sealed jar of bbq sauce will not spoil in two years. You can use your bbq sauce after six months past its expiry date. You should not discard your bbq sauce if it is sealed and has passed its expiry date.

You can test it out first; most of the chances are that it will be perfect to use. An opened jar of bbq sauce will not go bad for three to four months if kept on a shelf. Refrigerating the bbq sauce increases its life for up to six to seven months.

In comparison, the frozen bbq sauce lasts the longest. It can be used for up to two years. The flavors and the smokiness remain intact. You will get the same taste when you use it.

How to tell if the bbq sauce is bad?

The bbq sauce does not spoil quickly because the sugar, salt, and vinegar help preserve it. There are chances that you have completely used your bbq sauce before it goes bad. If you find something off in your bbq sauce, the following points will help you o test if your bbq sauce has gone bad or not.

  • Changes Smell: If you notice that your bbq sauce smells of, discard it away. It might not have molds, but it has started to rot.
  • Mold Growth: Molding is one sign of bad bbq sauce. If you notice molds in your sauce, do not use your bbq sauce.
  • Changed Appearance: One more indication of bad bbq sauce is the separation of water, oil, and pulp in your bbq sauce. It is better not to use it even if there is no bad odor or molds present in the bbq sauce.