Does Basil Go Bad

Does Basil Go Bad?

Basil is a culinary herb. So it requires a lot of care. And the answer is simple; yes, basil does go bad. It can go not very good if you do not store it properly. But you can use it for a little longer than normal if you store it according to the ordered instructions.

However, the shelf-life of basil is not that long. It cannot go well if you do not take proper care of it. It is used in cooking as well. It will not provide you with the actual flavor or probably no flavor.

How to store basil?

There are numerous ways you can use to store your basil. Basil is a delicate herb. It needs to be stored in the right manner. Following are a few of the methods you can adopt to store basil;

Place it in a jar with water

The most appropriate way of storing basil is to use a jar filled with water. And place a bunch of basil in it. You have to cut the ends of the basil.

Cover the jar with a lid. If not, the lid wrap around the plastic bag over the basil. And keep it in the refrigerator.

Surely it is a bit of effort. And fairly, it is not convenient. But it will keep your bunch of basil fresh for as long as possible.

Wrap it in a paper towel

The second-best and established way to store the basil is to keep it like salad greens. Cut the stems of leaves. Then place these leaves on a single or multi-layer paper towel.

Or you can also use a kitchen towel. It is suggested to roll the towel encompassing the leaves. Then place the roll in a plastic bag. The leaves will not be wet or damp. But this process will retain the hydration of basil leaves.

Keep away from the sunlight

The leaves of basil have to be kept away from the sunlight. Because if they are exposed to sunlight, they will turn brown or black. And those brown or black leaves cannot be used.

It is advised not to place the basil on the kitchen shelf. Avoid keeping it in the kitchen cabinets. It will go not very good, and you cannot consume it.

Because the heat present in the kitchen is not good for basil. If you follow the above instructions, then it is possible to keep your basil fresh.

Can you freeze the basil?

Yes, you can freeze the basil. But there are multiple ways you can adapt to freeze them. Freezing will keep the basil fresh and aromatic.

The first way to freeze basil is to take a bunch of basil. Add salt to boiling water and blanch the basil in it for fifteen seconds. Then cool it by placing it in cool water. Then take out the leaves blend them with some olive oil. Take the ice tray and pour the mixture into it. And place it in the freezer.

Another way is to take the basil, keep it in a tray and freeze it. Place the frozen basil in a resealable plastic bag. Though it will turn black, the flavor will be in there.

How long does basil last?

Well, the shelf-life of basil is not that long. It can barely stay fresh for up to five to seven days. After that, it will turn brown or black. And will lose its entire flavor.

The only way you can make it last long is by storing it in an appropriate method. If you want it to last for a year, then place the cubes you made earlier in a resealable plastic bag. And keep that bag in the freezer.

But you cannot make it last longer than a year after that, and it will be flavorless. But the cubes will last very fresh and full of flavor for four to six months. After that, it will slowly lose the potency.

But it is recommended but the experts to use fresh basil, right from the garden or one grown in houses. It can easily grow in homes and does not require a lot of effort.

Basil that is dried can be used for even longer than the cubes. But it will not be that flavourful if compared to the fresh basil.

How to tell if basil is bad?

It is straightforward to know if the basil has gone bad. There are some visible indicators through which you can comprehend that your basil has gone awful. Following are some of those indicators;

  • The discoloration of basil is away. From the green color, it will turn into black. In this condition, it is better not to use it.
  • Basil has a very aromatic smell. If it has gone bad, it will have a rotten smell. You need to discard it right away.
  • If you observe the moist texture, you shall throw the basil. Because using such basil makes sense.
  • The flavor of basil will be gone if it has turned bad. Throwing it will be a good idea. Because it is used basically to add a unique aroma to whatever it is added.

The following indications are straightforward to encounter, and you do not need to put in a lot of effort to know if you can utilize not.