Does Barley Malt Go Bad

Does Barley Malt Go Bad?

Barley malt is a type of grain most commonly used in the production of beer. It is used in brewing beer at large scales on an industrial level, but basic kits are also available, so one can also brew his beer at home.

Since it is acidic in nature, so it goes bad early when exposed to air. An unopened package of barley malt can last up to a year or more, but an opened package only lasts for a few months as the ability of the grain of converting starch to sugar decrease with time. Then it starts losing its taste or goes bad and, in some cases, even develops molds.

How to store Barley Malt?

As we mentioned earlier, barley malt is an ingredient used in making beer, and people often buy these kinds of dry ingredients in bulk when it is easy for them. Still, often, we do not need that much, so it’s better to store it properly so that we can use it with time; good storing techniques can help maintain its taste and color.

Keep it away from sunlight

Always keep it away from direct sunlight, store it at a cool, dry place away from humidity. This helps in increasing its shelf life.

Low humidity

Barley malt has a property that the malt’s moisture increases with time, so it is better to store it at a place where humidity is low so that the malt greens do not obtain excessive moisture turn damp as dampness can increase the risk of mold formation.

Cool temperature

Always store it below 15 centigrade; the temperature is just enough to keep it dry, fresh, and moist to an acceptable degree.

Using storage containers

For storing things, whether they are spices or fruits, we prefer plastic airtight containers; however, in the case of barley malt, it is preferred if the container used is not plastic or if you are using a plastic container, then it should at least have a metal lid. The most common containers used for storing barley malt are airtight containers with a light sheet covering of aluminum.

Store quality grains

Another important factor that needs to be considered while storing barley malt is checking the quality of grains you are storing. Always buy good quality grains from a trusted merchant; fewer quality grains have a higher chance of developing molds and going bad early.

Can we freeze barley malt?

Like all other grains, it is common for barley malt grains to be infected by insects or mold. Freezing barley malt is a safe choice as freezing makes it hard for the insects to attack as well as it also becomes hard for it to develop molds.

So, put it into airtight bags and make sure it is sealed well; it is also preferred that you vacuum pack the malt grains before freezing them for better results. However, most brewers do not recommend freezing malt grains, focusing on the fact that as they are basically grains so as the as long as they are kept dry and sealed, they can last for a large amount of time.

How long does barley malt last?

Barley malt can last for a good period of time provided that it is stored better and under the right conditions; it also depends on the variety of the malt being used. The better the kind of malt being used, the longer it will last.

An unopened package of barley malts can last up to two years, whereas an opened package mostly lasts 8 to 12 months, which is also the average life for most barley malts. If you are using low-quality or cheap malts, then they will not last very long. But one should always remember that the best beer is made when the ingredients are fresh.

How to tell if barley malt has gone bad?

People often buy brewing ingredients in bulks when it is easy for them. Still, they hardly use that causing it to go bad or rotten, and many times a friend, colleague, or anyone gifted us a brewing kit.

We put it away for the time being and then later forget about it and when we finally remember or by chance found those kits the first question that comes to our midis, can we still use it or not, here we will share with you some easy signs with which you can determine if your storage has gone bad or not.

  • Discoloration: if your gains have turned colorless or darker with time, then it is a sign that your grains have gone bad.
  • Mold formation: barley malt can develop molds when kept for a long time; always store them at a cool, dry place and check for molds before using.
  • Loss of taste: The grains lose their taste with time, also; in powdered form, the process happens at a faster rate, so if the beer you brewed doesn’t taste strong or like it used to, then your grains have gone bad, as with time the grains lose their ability to convert starches into sugar.