Does Bael Go Bad

Does Bael Go Bad?

Bael, commonly known as wood apple or hard apple, is one of the sweetest and healthiest fruit. It occupies an important place among the ancient fruits in Asia. The pulp of the fruit is either eaten in fresh or dried form.

A survey of the bael fruit shows that it is rich in vitamin and mineral contents. The pulp made out of this fruit has all the important nutrients and health-growing ingredients. The fruit is of considerable medicinal value when it just begins to ripe.

When the bael fruit is in its unripe stage, it will not go bad easily. But ripened bael will go bad like all the fresh fruits. Store it properly to make bael last long.

How to Store Bael?

If you have bought bael fruit in bulk and don’t know what to do to make them last longer. This article will provide you all the facts and figures regarding shelf life and storing methods etc. So, read on.

The method to store bael is as simple as all fruits. Either you refrigerate them or store them at room temperature. Follow the apt methods to store bael fruit:

Store Bael in Pantry

As bael has a very strong and hard protective shell, you can easily store it at room temperature. The hard, outer shell of the fruit protects it from going bad for quite a long time. It can stay good at room temperature longer as compared to other fresh fruits.

Make sure that there is no bad piece among the fruit when you keep them in your pantry. Also, keep the bale fruit in a cool and dry spot. They should not interact with any moisture or wet thing. Otherwise, they may go bad.

The Darker the place, the Better it is

Make sure that the place where you keep your delicious bael fruit is shady and dark. The fruit should not interact with any heat or light source. The direct sun rays or any heat source, i.e., your kitchen stove, can make bael go bad. They become soggy and mushy. So, avoid keeping the fruit in such conditions.

Refrigerate the Fruit

The ideal way to store the bael fruit is in the refrigerator. The fridge will keep the fruit stay good for months. It is the best place to store the bael fruit if you want the fruit for a longer period.

You can keep the whole bael fruit in the refrigerator bin or any fruit basket. The other way to store the fruit is to remove the pulp of the bael fruit and keep it in an air-tight jar inside the refrigerator.

Can you Freeze Bael?

You can freeze bael fruit to use it for a longer time. You can get the maximum from the bael fruit if it is frozen.

Do not freeze the whole fruit. Always first remove the pulp of the fruit, then put the pulp in any freezer bag or air-tight jar. Then your pulpy bael fruit is ready to go in the freezer. Make sure that the container or jar you use is air-tight.

How long does Bael Last?

The shelf life of bael fruit is quite long as compared to other fresh fruits. Its outer texture is as hard as that of coconuts. This hard covering protects the fruit from going bad for a long period. That’s why it lasts long.

There is a slight difference between the shelf life of ripened and green bael fruit. We will discuss it in the following paragraphs.

If the bael fruit is stored at room temperature and is green, i.e., unready, it can last for up to 20 to 30 days without going bad. In contrast, ripened bael fruit stored at room temperature will last for 10 to 12 days.

If you have stored the bael fruit in the refrigerator, it will last for 1 to 2 months without going bad. While frozen pulp of bael fruit can last for half a year. You can use it in your smoothies or dishes for up to 5 to 6 months.

How to tell if Bael is Bad?

As we discussed earlier, bael fruit rarely goes bad. Only if the fruit meets some unfavorable conditions, then it may go bad. Otherwise, the fruit will remain good till you eat it. All you have to do is to store bael properly.

Under some conditions like moisture or sunlight, the bael fruit can go bad. Following are the indications of bad bael fruit:

  • If the bael fruit seems mushy or you see any leakage from the hard covering of bael, it is probably bad. Toss it out right away.
  • Any kind of bruises makes the whole fruit go bad. Also, you should not consume wrinkled textured bale fruit.
  • Do not use the bael fruit if you see any discoloration in it.
  • Avoid using the fruit if the taste and smell are bad.