Does Araza Go Bad

Does Araza Go Bad?

It is a fruit. It is full of vitamin C and fiber. So like other fruits, it tends to go bad as well. Every fruit has a different shelf-life. The shelf-life of Araza is small. It will start decaying after 72 hours. But it also depends on which form you have it. The ripe Araza has a different shelf-life compared to the ripped one.

But if you try to store it properly, it can stay fresh and flavorful for a bit extended. But if you do not follow the procedure, it will not go well within days.

How to store Araza?

There are numerous steps to store your fruit. Storing Araza is simple. You have to be careful while following these steps. Storing is important, or else it won’t stay fresh. And you cannot consume it.

For consuming it in far future, you have to store it as it should be. Given below are those steps you have to keep an eye on. Make sure you don’t miss any.

Keep away from sunlight

If you have unripened Araza, you can keep it on the kitchen counter so that it can be a ripped fruit. But if you bought the ripped form of Araza, do not expose it to sunlight. You should keep it away from other forms of heat as well.

The sunlight will make the ripped Araza overly ripped. And gradually, it will turn unpleasant. And you cannot think of even eating it.

Avoid placing at room temperature

Storing your fruit at room temperature is not a good idea. It won’t stay garden-fresh at room temperature. And within few days, it will become terrible.

It will change its aroma. The room temperature fluctuates. It is suggested to avoid keep it at an unsuitable temperature.

Use an air-tight container

Suppose you have cut your fruit. You have consumed half of it. And you want to store the rest. Use an air-tight container for storage.

But if you don’t have a plan of using it in a day or two. Put the sugar syrup on it and then store it. Sugar syrup works as a preservative. Keep the container in the refrigerator. That will prevent Araza from turning nasty. And you can eat it after several days.

The above mentioned are the few best ways that you can implement for storing Araza. By implementing these ways, you can save your fruit from spoilage. And surely you won’t regret it.

Can you freeze Araza?

Yes, you can freeze the area. The fruit can be frozen and is a delightful way of enjoying your fruit. You can use frozen fruit throughout the year. And up till six months, it will have all the taste and aroma intact.

There are several ways you can use to freeze Araza. Wash the fruit thoroughly. Drain all the water. Let it dry. Keep the dry fruit in the plastic freezer bag. Take out all the excess air from the bag. Now place the bag in the freezer. And enjoy the fruit whenever you need it.

How long will the Araza last?

The lasting capability of the Araza depends on multiple factors. The factors include what form of Araza you have. And the lasting ability is different at the different storage areas.

If you keep your fruit at room temperature, it won’t last that long. The ripped form of Araza will last up to 2 to 3 days. But in comparison to the unripe fruit, it can last you a week at room temperature.

The unripe will take 2 to 3 days to turn ripped, and the other few days, it will preserve the freshness.

In the fridge, it will last you up to four to five days if it is ripped. Storing the ripped Araza into the fridge is important, or it will turn awful.

And lastly, if you keep them in the freezer, they will last up to eight months or even a year. But it will retain the freshness for up to 6 months. After that, you can eat it, but it won’t taste that good.

How to tell if Araza is bad?

Research suggests numerous ways to know if Araza is bad. There are very clear indications you can see and feel once it has turned unpleasant. Below are those indicators. That will indicate you not to consume the Araza if it is bad.

  • The appearance of the fruit will change. You can see the discoloration of your fruit. And you may also see some rotten spots on the fruit. It clearly indicates that the fruit is unpleasant. And you shall not eat it.
  • If you do not see rooting spots or discoloration, it is advised to grab the fruit. Squeeze it if the area is firm. It means it is good and can be consumed. But if the texture is not unpleasant, it can easily tear. Throw it away. Do not use.
  • Lastly, the fruit has a sharp aroma if you feel it does not smell good. Like it smells rotten or vinegary. The fruit has turned awful. It is suggested to discard the fruit in that case.