Does Apple Juice Go Bad

Does Apple Juice Go Bad?

There could be multiple reasons that could spoil the food items, including bacterial growth, reactions to chemicals present. They could alter the texture, scent, and flavor of the food item. Apple juice may also go wrong due to the added food preservatives and food colors.

Usually, the apple juice is devoured before it spoils as it has a pleasant taste. The sealed apple juice stays fresh for an extended period. After you have opened your apple juice, you need to keep a few steps for its storage not to spoil it soon; otherwise, the nasty apple juice would not please you and eventually go to waste.

How to store apple juice?

You can store the apple juice in several ways. If you have recently made your apple juice from fresh apples, it can be stored in a refrigerator for up to a week. The boxed apple juice that is sealed will be okay if you keep it in a cool, dark place.

Apple juiceā€™s shelf-life limits till two or three months. The life of canned apple juice is even longer. Canned apple juice can be stored for up to nine months if it is kept in a low-temperature and a dark place.

Refrigerate Your Apple Juice

The best way to store any food product is to keep it at a lower temperature. A refrigerator is the handiest appliance for the job. You can keep your apple juice in the fridge. If the gallon is sealed, nothing will happen to it, even if you keep it in the fridge for several months.

However, if you have opened your gallon, it could only be stored for two or three weeks; after that, it will start to rot. Even if the juice has an extended expiry date, the apple juice may spoil. Therefore, it is better to consume your apple juice in a couple of weeks.

Place it away from sunlight.

You should keep the store-bought apple juice away from sunlight. The rise of temperature facilitates the growth of bacteria and molds that could spoil your apple juice. It would be better to keep your apple juice in the darkroom to prolong the apple juice’s life span.

Storing freshly prepared apple juice

If you are a fresh apple juice lover and want to store your apple juice for up to a week, you can follow three basic steps. With this procedure, you can store you apple juice for a whole week.

First, you need to squeeze the juice out of your apples using a juicer. Now add a juice of whole lemon or lime to your apple juice. It will prevent changing the color of your apple juice. Then, pour in your apple juice in an airtight container and refrigerate it in the fridge.

Can you freeze your apple juice?

If you have an abundant amount of apple juice in your pantry and do not know how to save it from going wrong, it is better that you freeze it. Freezing your apple juice stops the growth of the bacteria and the molds. By doing this, the storage life of apple juice increases up to eight or nine months.

You can freeze all of your juice in an airtight container. You can also pour in your apple juice in the ice trays and freeze them. Once they are solidly frozen, transfer your apple juice cubes into a zip lock bag and freeze them.

How long does apple juice last?

There is a date of expiration for every product, and you should consume it before its expiry date. The life of apple juice depends on whether it is freshly prepared or processed and pasteurized. The sealed apple juice cartons and gallons can remain all good for up to four or five months if kept in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Keeping your sealed apple juice cartons in the fridge will add up an extra month to the life of your apple juice. If the apple juice carton is opened, it remains fresh in the fridge for a whole month. The shortest life span is freshly prepared apple juice, and it should be consumed within a week or frozen in the freezer for a month.

How to tell if Apple Juice is Bad?

You can quickly tell if a food product is fresh or has been spoiled if you know some signs and conditions. The following points will help you find out if your apple juice is good to go or it is time you should waste it.

  • The spoilage of apple juice starts as a result of the fermentation of apple juice. The fermentation gives off a rotten apple-like aroma. You can easily indicate the spoilt apple juice by its smell.
  • The color of apple juice turns from golden yellow to a brown-black color.
  • The bad apple juice gives a frothy texture to your apple juice. Do not consume it if you notice a heavy foam at the top.
  • The rotten apple juice Can also is indicated from its carton. If you notice that the carton is puffed up, discard your apple juice.