Does Anise Go Bad

Does Anise Go Bad?

Anise is a type of herb used in both forms, and they are seeds form and extracted form. Anise has some natural properties which protect it against any bacterial activity. Therefore, anise cannot go bad easily.

However, there are quite rare cases when it can go bad; basically, it loses its properties in some cases. Such as the weaken in its aroma. This usually happens if you do not preserve it in a good manner. Always try to keep you are anise away from heat exposure and moisture.

How can you Store Anise?

Storing food can help to enjoy it for a long time. Similarly, anise is a type of herb which you can store anise for a long time if you use an appropriate way to preserve it. The best ways to store anise are as under.

Store Anise at Cold Environment

First of all, you can store anise in a cold environment—this one of the best ways to store your anise. Further, keeping the anise at a cold temperature can help it to lasts long.

Store Anise at room temperature

Then, secondly, another way to store anise is to store it at room temperature. You can store anise at room temperature for many years. However, try to keep your anise away from water.

Store Anise in an air-tight container

Thirdly, you can store anise in an air-tight container. You can keep quite long in an air-tight container.

Store Anise at dark place

Fourthly, you can also store anise in a dark place. This can also help to increase the shelf life of anise.

Store Anise away from Ultraviolet rays

Then there is one more way to store anise, and it is to store it away from the heat and light source.

Especially from the sun and its ultraviolet rays. The ultra-violent rays of the sun can make the anise lose its properties. This further cannot make your anise retain its properties, and it will become spongy.

Store Anise on the kitchen shelf

Then one more way to store the anise is to store it on the shelf of your kitchen. You can put the anise in any container, or even you can put it in any tray or plate.

Can you Freeze Anise?

Freezing is a way to store food and help to retain the properties of food. On the other hand, not every food ingredient is meant to freeze. Similarly, freezing anise is not recommended. It, not a good option to put your anise in the freezer.

The reason behind this that anise is a type of herb. Similarly, the herbs go bad when they freeze them. The freezer can add the water into anise, and the water and moisture are not good for anise. In fact, you cannot even put anise in the freezer while putting it in a container.

This shows that freezing the anise is totally prohibited. If you freeze it, it will lose its all properties, and it will become spongy. The properties of anise can decline if you keep it in the freezer for a long time. The flavor of anise can go flat if you freeze it.

How long does Anise last?

Herbs usually have a good shelf-life; all of the need to do is preserve them in a good manner. Similarly, anise is also a herb; therefore, the lasting of anise depends upon how you preserve it. It can last long if you are put in a cold environment.

Further, anise is a type of herb that can have to forms. The anise cannot go bad easily; therefore, it has a long shelf life. However, the first form of anise is a seed form.

Further, the anise can also be in extracted form. The shelf life anise seed can be last for three to four years if you put the anise at room temperature. Moreover, if you have anise in extracted form, it will have a different shelf life. The extracted form of anise is having less shelf life than that of anise seed. The extracted form of anise has almost two years.

How to tell when Anise goes bad?

The anise can give you some obvious indicators when it goes bad. Now talking about the indicators which help you to understand when it goes bad. So some of the most obvious indicators are as under;

  • The first indicator is discoloration. If you see any change in the color of anise, this shows that it has gone bad.
  • Secondly, if you feel any repulsive odor or weak aroma, it also shows that anise goes bad.
  • Thirdly, it can go bad when you feel that your anise taste has changed from the typical taste.
  • .Fourthly, it also goes when you feel any change in its size than that of normal.

Moreover, you can do a mini-test you check either anise has gone bad or not. All you need to do is, take a small piece of anise and rub it in your hand. If you feel it goes mushy, it shows that it has gone bad.