Does Amchur Go Bad

Does Amchur Go Bad?

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A perfect addition to your dishes like curries, salads, pickles, chutneys, soups, and many more, amchur goes well with all of them. It is a powdered form of dried green mangoes. Also, it has a fruity sour odor that makes you fall in love with your dishes.

Amchur is a spice that we can use in our everyday meals. It is most prevalent in Asian countries like India and Pakistan. Spices like amchur do not go bad until they meet unfavorable conditions. They have a long-lasting shelf life.

Years old amchur will not turn you sick, but it will start to lose its flavor and fragrance only after some time. But the good point is that amchur lasts for years. All you have to do is to store them properly. If you want to learn more about amchur, you have to look through this article.

How to Store Amchur?

Amchur is a seasonable spice to be placed in your kitchen. Keeping the right spices in your spice rack is a key to become a master chef, and amchur is one of them. So, this should be stored properly so that you can use it in your everyday meals.

The ways to store amchur are the same as other spices. You can store your amchur in the following places:

In a Cool and Dry Spot

You can store your spice, i.e., amchur, in any cool and dry spot in your kitchen. Your pantry is the ideal place to store spices like amchur. Amchur can stay good for years in your kitchen cabinets.

As long as the spice is away from moisture and humidity, it will remain preserved and undamaged. Please ensure that they do not get intact with any wet place or thing; otherwise, the spice may mold them.

In Glass or Plastic Containers

Spices like amchur should be stored in glass or plastic containers. You must store the herbs in jars that are airtight because air makes them go bad. So. Make sure that the pots or containers you use are tightly sealed. Also, you can easily clean glass or plastic jars, so it is convenient for you too.

Away from Sunlight

It is essential to store your spices away from direct sunlight or any heat source. As we know that amchur is in powdered form, the sunlight makes them go soggy. So, it is better to put them away from sunlight to get the most from your spice.

Can you Freeze Amchur?

As we know, the amchur’s lifespan is very long, so there is no need to put the amchur in the freezer. Also, freezing amchur is not a good idea. The spices are in the form of powder. If we freeze the powder, the spice’s texture will change completely, and you would not want this, of course. Also, defrosting the amchur would ruin the spice completely. So, avoid freezing amchur.

How long does Amchur Last?

Amchur has a long shelf life if it is stored in the right way. It does not go bad until it meets unfavorable conditions like moisture or humidity etc. only the taste and odor of amchur lose their potency as time passes.

If the amchur powder is preserved, i.e., store-bought, it lasts for years until and unless it meets unfavorable conditions. If the amchur is placed in the pantry away from sunlight and stuff, then it can last for 3 to 4 years without going bad. Also, make sure that the jars in which you have stored the spices are airtight. Otherwise, it may go bad.

If you have prepared amchur powder at your home, i.e., dried the green mango yourself and prepared the powder, it does not last as long as the preserved amchur. It only lasts for 5 to 6 months if stored properly in airtight jars with all precautions.

How to tell if Amchur is Bad?

When you hear that some spice has gone bad, it does not mean that it has become spoiled or something. It only means that the spice has somehow lost its flavor and smell. Also, consuming such types of spice is not harmful to anyone. But if the spice is not stored correctly, it may go bad.

The signs and symptoms shown by amchur when it goes bad are:

  • The spice may turn soggy if it interacts with sunlight. You have to toss it out in the result.
  • If the spice, i.e., amchur, is exposed to air, then it may catch mold. The mold wrecks the spice. It would be best if you threw the spice out in that case too.
  • Next comes the taste; if you feel that the taste is not like before anymore, you should waste the spice and not use it anymore.
  • Do not use an amchur that does not smell good.