Does Ambarella Go Bad

Does Ambarella Go Bad?

Ambarella is native to the region called Melanesia. It was introduced in 1782 and then was spread throughout South America. Nowadays, fresh Ambarella’s are sold in Melanesia, Australia, North, Central, and South America’s local markets.

Ambarella fruit also goes bad, just like other fruits. After the “best by” date recommendation of Ambarella, it starts to smell bad, and its taste changes with the fruit’s appearance.

If you observe any visible mold on the ambarella fruit, it’s not recommended/suggested to be eaten. If ambarella fruit is dried and converted into a powdered form, it can also go bad with a very shorter period if it is not stored properly.

If stored properly, you will see it will not go bad even after the best before date has lapsed.

How to store Ambarella?

Ambarella fruit is greatly available in summers. Ambarella fruit has a deep medicinal history. Being a part of many remedies, it is highly effective in preventing many diseases. So if there is any sale going on near your grocery store, don’t forget to buy them in bulk. Following are some of the ways for storing ambarella.

Storing sun-dried Ambarella

After bringing ambarella fruit from the store to your home, wash it thoroughly and make sure it is nicely cleaned. After cleaning it, you have to peel its skin and cut it into small slices or chunks. Spread the pieces of ambarella fruit in a tray, set it in the sunlight, and cover it with a paper towel or muslin cloth.

It is important as air contains spores and microorganisms which may get into the ambarella surface and turn it bad. Dry the ambarella fruit and save it in a zip lock bag and place it in your kitchen pantry if you don’t want to have the pickle.

Storing Pickled Ones

Ambarella fruit is also stored in the form of a pickle. For this purpose, you have first to peel the ambarella fruits and cut them into small pieces leaving the seeds out.

Add1tbsp of red chili powder, 1tbsp of coriander powder, ¼ tbsp of turmeric powder, and ¼ tbsp of fenugreek seed powder with 3 tbsp of sesame oil and mix it to make a paste. Then you have to coat the ambarella pieces with an oil spices mix.

You can store this in a jar and refrigerate it. We can start using it after four days of storing it, and it will keep good up to a month in the refrigerator.

Can you freeze Ambarella?

Since Ambarella is coming or belongs to mangoes’ same family, it is more tender than cold than mango, though it can control it near-freezing temperatures.

Yes, we can freeze ambarella fruit, but its period depends upon the region in which it is defrosted. The frozen ambarella fruit contains calcium, iron, and vitamin B1. The benefit of frozen Ambarella is very useful calcium; it strengthens the bones it lessens the risk of osteoporosis and diseases of the heart.

After it comes the iron, which is also present in the frozen ambarella fruits, which increases your body blood and prevents anemia, it also helps in the wound’s healing process. Whereas vitamin B1 makes our body healthier, prepares the body for the oxidation process, grooms the skin, and makes it healthy.

It is made by adding frozen Ambarella into the lukewarm water, after it, the white condensed milk is added along with the sugar, and the whole mixture is added to the blender or juicer and blended well. And then it’s done!

How long does Ambarella last?

When the ambarella fruit is stored in the refrigerator, it will remain good for 2-4 weeks, while if we save ambarella fruits at normal room temperature, they will keep up to only a week.

The taste of Ambarella is sour, crispy, and juicy, while it has pineapple flavor and a kind of fragrance, and its color is lime green. When we preserve Ambarella’s for more than four weeks in the refrigerator, its color changes to dark yellowish, and taste changes.

How to tell if Ambarella is bad?

Ambarella fruit is crisp and subacid when it is green in its color, but when it changes into yellow color, it means it is ripening.

Ripening of fruit is totally fine but till a particular time. When the fruit’s development passes its time limit related to its growth, the fruit gets extra ripened and gets weird in taste. Along with the change in its taste, its color and appearance are also changed.

  • When Ambarella gets bad, its flesh is spoiled and is not good to taste, while the fresh ambarella fruit is lovely buttery yellow.
  • The ambarella fruit kept under 41°F will spoil.
  • The wrinkly peeling skin also shows that ambarella fruit is gone bad.
  • If you notice any mold, you should not eat it.
  • If they look squashy or pappy, they are no longer good, and don’t go for them.