Does Agar Go Bad

Does Agar Go Bad?

In a precarious sense, the agar will not go awful if you stock them up properly. Agar comes with a use-by date on the label. It does not mean that you cannot use it after that. Agar has a long shelf life.

You can store it for as long as you want. But if you’re going to keep it for longer, remember not to store it in inconsiderate conditions.

It can only go terrible if proper precautionary measures have not been followed. Agar is a substitute for gelatin. Gelatin is made from animal bones, and agar is pure vegan.

How to store agar?

If you want to keep agar fresh, the key is appropriate storage. There are various techniques in which you can store agar. Following are several ways to store.

Store it in a cold place

It would help if you placed the agar in cold areas. To store the agar, the best possible option is a cold room. The kitchen cabinet is not an ideal place to keep agar. Even the cabinets are far from the stove; still, the kitchen is hot.

A refrigerator is said to be the ideal place to store the agar. Keeping in mind the temperature shall be cold wherever you place them. Agar will be saved from the formation of bacteria if you store it in the refrigerator.

Please keep it away from the heat.

It is suggested to keep the agar away from sunlight and sources of heat—the exposure from sources of heat results in condensation. The agar will be dried out and turn unusable.

If you find condensation, it is good to utilize the plate over. The shelf-life will become smaller if stored in a warm area.

Store in air-tight containers

Air-tight containers are best to keep your agar in them. The air-tight containers will not allow moisture to enter the container. Moisture will make agar awful for use.

Agar is prone to pick up off-flavors. The reason to pick off-flavors is that you have not stored them in air-tight jars.

Please keep it in original bags

You shall keep agar in the original bags. Storing agar in original bags will help to protect agar from contamination.

As agar is vegan, it needs special care. If you store inappropriate agar manner, it will last long enough. After the use-by date on the label, you can still consume it. But only if it has been stored the way it was advised.

How to freeze agar?

You can freeze agar. The temperature to keep agar fresh shall be cold. And the freezer is a nice cold place to keep your agar.

There are different forms of agar. If they are in the form of plates, they can be melted several times and re-set also. While melting and re-setting, there are fewer chances for it to lose strength.

But if agar is gel form, then you cannot freeze it. There is a loss in liquid during the process of freezing.

You can also witness a loss in agar texture until and unless you follow proper thawing procedures.

How long does agar last?

The agar lasts long because the shelf-life of agar is good. But how long only depends on how you store it.

If you store it in original air-tight bags, it can last up to several months.

If your agar is not dried up or contaminated, you can use it. It can last you several months doesn’t matter if opened or un-opened if stored accurately.

If tightly sealed and stored in the fridge, it can even last up to six months. The date on the label will just become a number if you keep it away from drying out.

But it is suggested to use agar within the date on the label. There is no health risk, but it is ampler to be protected.

In the refrigerator, agar can last up to 3 to 4 weeks. Up till three months of proper storage, you can have the best quality of agar.

How to tell if agar is bad?

There are few indicators through which you can know if your agar has gone bad. It is very easy to know if agar has gone bad. There is no complexity to see if it is unusable.

Below mentioned are some ways to know.

  • With time eventually, the taste of the agar will vanish. This procedure happens slowly if the agar has been stored for more than it was recommended.
  • If your agar has dried out, it means because dried agar is not good for health, avoid using it. And it is recommended to discard it.
  • The growth of bacteria on the surface of agar is a clear indicator that your agar has gone bad. And you shall be thrown right away.
  • If all the above indicators are not found, then it is better to taste the agar. If the taste is awful, you shall not use it. Throwing away the agar is a better option.