Does Acai Go Bad?

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There would be no exaggeration in calling Acai the magic berries. They have many benefits, including weight loss, better digestion, help reduce cholesterol, and much more. They are grown on a type of palm tree. The berries have a larger portion of seed to pulp ratio, so most of the time, they are available in the form of puree.

The shelf life of these acai berries is not lingering. It will go bad after a limited time. You can lose many benefits of the berries if they go bad. Therefore, the berries should be treated very gently to extend their limited life span.

How to store Acai?

Acai berries are quite delicate. They need to be processed within a day after they are harvested. Usually, you will find Acai in the form of puree or acai powder in the retailer store. They will offer a little longer life than the fresh berries.

The fresh acai berries require more of your attention than the puree and the powder. You will find various ways to store your acai berries. You can use the following measures to keep your berries.

Keep them away from sunlight

The acai berries are already a little dry. You usually have to soak them in water to eat them. If you keep them under sunlight by chance, they will not retain their moisture and dry up. There will be fewer chances of mold formation once they are dried. It will be since there will be no moisture that will help bacteria and molds to grow.

The only problem that you will be facing is the change of texture. It would become a little hard to enjoy the acai berries.

Refrigerate your acai berries

Your acai berries are the best stored in your refrigerator. You can keep your acai berries for a week in the fridge. If you have bought fresh berries, make sure they are not washed when you refrigerate them. The moisture can spoil the berries before time.

There is one alternative way to refrigerate the berries. You can make a puree out of acai berries. It will be convenient to be used in smoothie bowls and milkshakes.

Storing the powdered and pureed Acai

If you have bought your acai berries in powdered form, you will only have to keep them in your cabinets. You need to ensure that the packet is properly sealed, so it does not interact with environmental moisture. You can place it in an airtight box.

The puree will only be saved if refrigerated. You usually get it from the freezer section. Therefore, it will be better if you put the puree in the freezer.

Can you freeze your acai berries?

There is nothing bad about freezing your berries. You can directly store your berries in the freezer. You can put them in a ziplock bag or an airtight container, preventing them from freeze burn. The berries can be used after thawing them.

The berries can be soaked in water. There is no need to freeze the powdered acai berries. If you think that you will not be using them for some months, and there are chances to go bad, you can freeze them. The only way to store the puree of Acai is to keep them in the freezer.

You can make small portions of the puree, so you do not have to refreeze them. You can make mini cubes of puree by using ice cube trays.

How long does Acai last?

Although acai berries have a very low quantity of stored moisture, they can still go bad. The acai berries themselves can sustain for around 4-5 days in the fridge. The moist berries will not even give you time for two days and will go bad. The puree of acai berries can be kept for over half a year in the freezer.

The puree of Acai is usually processed and comes with a printed expiry date. If the packet is unopened, it can still stay good beyond the expiry date. The powdered Acai will last the longest. You can keep it for up to two years in the freezer. You will only have to ensure that it does not interact with light, heat, and moisture.

How to tell if Acai is bad?

Acai is not a very traditional berry that people use. Mostly, people are unaware of its shelf life storage and its rancidity. The acai berries can go bad if proper measures are not taken into account. You can identify the bad Acai if you know the following points.

  • The acai berries will become mushy and soft.
  • The berries will give off a strong stinky smell. It will be an indication to throw away the berries.
  • There might be lumps and growth of some small worms in the powdered Acai. It happens when the powdered Acai is exposed to moisture.
  • There will be molding on the Acai, even if they are in the form of berries, puree, or powder.