Does Abiu Go Bad

Does Abiu Fruit Go Bad?

Abiu fruit, also known as yellow sapote or yellow star apple, is a very mild refreshing fruit. It is bright yellow and has a jelly-like texture. This fruit is originated in South America. Abiu is oval and has a creamy sweet taste. It is generally eaten as fresh fruit but also used in desserts like ice-creams and crème caramel.

It has strong vanilla and caramel flavor. It tastes heavenly delicious when chilled and added to fruit salads. Abiu fruit is not locally available at supermarkets. If you have abiu fruit, you must be intrigued whether it goes bad or not? Yes, it does go bad. Unfavorable environmental conditions contribute most to making abiu fruit go bad.

How to store abiu fruit?

Proper storage increases the shelf life of fruit along with keeping its quality good. Shelf life is greatly dependent on how you store your fruit. Abiu fruit is delicate and creamy, and you have to provide extra care to this cute little yellow fruit. It’s not available in a local grocery store. If you have gotten hands-on with this yummy fruit, store it properly by applying any of the following methods.

Place in pantry

Pantry is the place where you can place fruits and vegetables for a short period. You can eat abiu fruit fresh or can add it to yogurt or smoothie. If you plan to utilize them in one to two days, you can keep them in the pantry. Always place it in a cabinet that is free of moisture. Moisture encourages the growth of mold and microbes on it. Keep abiu fruit away from humid places and in a cabinet away from the kitchen sink.

Keep from the heat sources

Sunlight and high temperatures are the factors that decrease the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Keep abiu fruit away from sunlight and other heat sources. It best to keep them in a cool, dry drawer. As you have read in an article, Abiu is not easily available fruit and due to which it is a bit pricey. So you never want it to go bad soon. Another way can help keeping its quality good is to use Styrofoam netting. It will provide extra protection to Abiu, making it last for long.

Keep in refrigerator

Well if you to store you abiu fruit for weeks go for refrigerating option. You can refrigerate it as a whole or in slices. Wash abiu fruit and let it dry. Once dried, you can use zip lock bags or an airtight container. Put abiu fruit in zip lock bag and then refrigerate it. Suppose you want to store in slices cut abiu fruit and keep slices in an airtight container. Don’t place abiu fruit near ethylene gas releasing fruits as they will fasten its ripening.

Can you freeze abiu fruit?

Yes, there are no health risks if you decide to freeze abiu fruit. It is safe to freeze abiu fruit. Freezing helps increase shelf life, but abiu fruit’s texture may not stay the same on defrosting. Frozen abiu fruits stay fine for up to months. You should apply precise methods of freezing abiu fruit. However, freezing isn’t recommended.

But if you want to then, of course, you can go for it. Make sure you opt for the precise storing techniques before you throw it in the freezer for freezing. Freeze abiu in freezer bags for better results.

How long does abiu fruit last?

Abiu fruit demands proper storage for better shelf life. Abiu fruit lasts for up to a couple of weeks. We provide you with only the educated estimates about the shelf life of abiu fruit.

You must keep abiu fruit at a cool temperature. Refrigerating abiu fruit is recommended. Who doesn’t want a prolonged shelf life of an expensive fruit? To boost the days into weeks and weeks into a couple of weeks of shelf life, you must store abiu fruit accurately.

Applying precise methods encourages the life of your fruit. Abiu fruit needs to be stored in cool favorable conditions to stay well for a long time. In the refrigerator, abiu fruit can last for fifteen days maximum. Like every other fruit’s shelf life can be extended when freeze, abiu fruit can stay well for months. It’s up to you to either choose the refrigerating or freezing option for preserving abiu fruit for prolong period.

How to tell if abiu fruit is bad?

We never want to fall prey to food-borne diseases. To avoid health risks, you must have to check your fruit before you consume it. Looking for signs which tell you whether your fruit is still safe to consume or not? We are glad to see you here. Follow are some signs which indicate deterioration of the abiu fruit.

  • The change in the texture highly represents that there is something off with the fruit. If you observe any change in texture that makes you feel doubted about its quality. Prefer your guts!
  • If a liquid starts to leak from abiu fruit, then it’s not healthy at all and may cause serious health risks. The extra mushy texture of abiu fruit isn’t healthy too. Toss it.
  • You cannot compromise bad taste. Does your abiu fruit taste bad? What are you waiting for? Discard it.
  • Bruising or wrinkled skin of abiu fruit means it is no longer healthy to be eaten.