Does Wood Apple Go Bad

Do Wood Apples Go Bad?

Wood apple, also known as Beal fruit, is very delicious and loved by many people all around the globe. It is the sweetest and healthiest fruit, and it is one of the main reasons people love wood apple a lot. It is mostly used in Asian countries, and you can find it in the supermarket easily.

People who love wood apple never want to see it going bad. However, if you have some wood apples sitting in your refrigerator for a long time and you are not sure whether they are eatable or not, you may be thinking, do wood apples go bad? Like other fruits, wood apple will spoil after its lifespan is over. In this article, we have briefly discussed wood apples that can be helpful for you.

How to Store Wood Apple?

If you have bought many wood apples in bulk and don’t know how to store them for a long time, don’t worry, as this article will briefly discuss some important storage conditions. However, before moving to the storage tips, it should be clear that storage is very important for the long-lasting of a food product.

The better you manage to store the product, the longer it will last, and if you do not pay attention to its s storage, it will go bad very quickly. The storage tips for wood apples are the same as Beal and other fruits, and they are mentioned below:

Store in pantry

Wood apples have a strong and protective outermost covering, and they can keep the inner fruit safe and fresh for some time. So, you can store the wood apple at room temperature for some time. The hard shelf of wood apple will protect it from many effective things, and this is the only reason it can last for some time at room temperature.

You can store them in a basket and place them in the pantry or on the countertop of your kitchen. Before transferring the wood apples to the basket, make sure that you separate the spoiled wood apples from the fresh ones.

Keep away from heat sources

Always store the wood apples in a cool and dark place away from the sunlight and other heat sources. Sunlight and heat can negatively affect the wood apple’s quality, and it will go bad rapidly and avoid placing them near the stove or oven.

Store in refrigerator

The best way to store the wood apples is in the refrigerator as it is one of the safest places for all the fruits, and it also extends their shelf life. In addition, the refrigerator will help you keep the wood apples fresh for months retaining their best quality and freshness.

You can place them in the refrigerator’s fruit drawer, and you can also transfer them in plastic bags or airtight containers before storing them in the fridge.

Store in freezer

The freezer will be the best place to store the wood apple for a very long time.

Can You Freeze Wood Apple?

If you are looking to store your wood apples for a long time, then the first place to come to your mind will be the freezer, as it is best for storing fruits and many products for a long time. However, if you have bought several wood apples and want to preserve them for a long time, the refrigerator will not be a good option, and you will have to freeze them to keep them fresh for a long time.

You cannot store the wood apples as a whole in the freezer. Remember that you need to take the pulp out of the wood apples before freezing them. Transfer the pulp to an airtight container or jar and then place it in the freezer.

How Long Does Wood Apple Last?

The shelf life of wood apple is longer than many fruits, and the reason behind this is its hard and protective outermost shell. This shell protects the fruit from many things and plays a vital role in increasing its shelf life.

The shelf lives of ripened and greenwood apples are different. At room temperature, wood apple can last for almost a month, but the ripened wood apple can only retain its freshness for ten days. On the other hand, wood apple can last for two to three months in the refrigerator and almost six months in the freezer.

How to Tell If Wood Apple Is Bad?

Wood apples do not go bad very quickly, but they could go bad quickly if you failed to take care of them. To tell whether the wood apple is fresh or not, check the following indications:

  • Wood apple is hard from the outside, and if it becomes softer and you notice any leakage, it means that it has gone bad.
  • If the color of the wood apple changes, then you should replace them with new ones.
  • If the wood apple has started to taste and smell bad, then it’s time to throw them away.